iOS 15.1 Beta Download & Features

How To Get The iOS 15.1 Beta Download And The New Features Of iOS 15.1

iOS 15.1 Beta download
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The iOS 15.1 beta download is now live! Below we will go through all the features of the new iOS 15.1 beta and how to download the iOS 15.1 public beta and iOS 15.1 developer beta.

The latest iOS 15.1 beta for iphone and HomePod, iPadOS 15.1 beta, and tvOS 15.1 beta include features that were removed from the main ioS 15 launch due to still being buggy, as well as some completely new features. Read on to find out more!

iOS 15.1 Beta SharePlay

iOS 15.1 SharePlay iOS 15.1 beta download

SharePlay is one of those features that was taken out of the main iOS 15 release due to instability. iOS 15.1 aims to reintroduce this feature as evident in its inclusion in the iOS 15.1 beta download.

In essence, SharePlay lets you watch tv shows, movies, and music with your family and friends via FaceTime, including its own playlist sharing system and TV show syncing functionality.

iOS 15.1 Beta Vaccine Cards in Wallet

One somewhat controversial new feature within the iOS 15.1 beta is the ability to store your COVID-19 vaccination record (aka your ‘Vaccine Card’) in the Wallet via the Health app.

This can then be used to enable entrance into restaurants, entertainment venues, and businesses that require a valid COVID-19 vaccine card for entry.

HomePod iOS 15.1 Beta Lossless Audio & Dolby Atmos

iOS 15.1 Homepod

Two new audio features are in the iOS 15.1 beta as it applies to the HomePod (i.e. not the iPhone).

Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos with spatial audio look like they will both be included within iOs 15.1 assuming the beta irons out any bugs.


iOS 15.1 Beta Announce Calls

iOS 15.1 Announce Calls iOS 15.1 beta download

As of iOS 15.1, within Settings there will now be an ‘Announce Calls’ icon next to the relevant option. Thrilling stuff I know!

How To Download iOS 15.1 Beta

As with any iOS beta there is both an iOS 15.1 developer beta and an iOS 15.1 public beta (almost everyone reading this will probably be opting for the public beta). Access to both of these is done through the usual iOS 15 beta profile download steps as applied to all the recent, earlier betas.

To make sure you download and install the iOS 15.1 beta correctly, have a quick read of our How To Download iOS 15 Beta profile page, which will take you through all the necessary steps.

As ever, before downloading and playing around with any new beta, you need to make sure to back everything up!