Madden 22 Twitch Drops: Here’s How To Link Your Account

Twitch and Madden 22 partner up to bring a bunch of rewards for gamers to cash in on

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Let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like a free Twitch drop – or anything free for that matter! Well, Madden 22 and Twitch have teamed up to provide gamers with Madden 22 Twitch drops, with rewards being dished out as we speak!

At present, it seems like the main Madden 22 Twitch Drop is player packs – with gamers having the opportunity to win packs and potentially open their favorite players.

Surrounding this topic is a bunch of questions on how to get the Madden 22 Twitch drops. So, we’ve decided to write this quick guide on exactly how to get them.

Madden 22 Twitch Drops

There are a bunch of ways you can get Madden 22 packs these days – buy them from the marketplace, collect them by winning challenges, or by completing theme missions in Madden 22’s Ultimate team. However, potentially the sweetest way of grabbing a Madden 22 pack is by winning one in a Twitch Drop.

And best of all, the process required for qualifying for Madden 22 Twitch drops is incredibly straightforward.

All you need to do is link your EA profile to your Twitch account and watch one of the official Madden 22 streams. 

How To Get Madden 22 Twitch Drops

For those interested, here is the easiest way to get Madden 22 Twitch drops:

  1. Start by heading to and signing into your Twitch
  2. After logging in, you should be re-directed to the section of your Twitch account where you can link the accounts together
  3. Once logged into both Twitch and EA, click the ‘Yes, link them’
  4. You can check to see if the connection has been established by heading over to the ‘connections’ in your Twitch settings

All that’s left to do is tune into an official Madden 22 stream with drops enabled and wait for the goodies to hit your inbox! It’s really that simple!