Microsoft Returns To The Skies With Microsoft Flight Simulator Announcement

Microsoft announced at E3 2019 that it is working on a new entry in its ultra-realistic sim franchise, with Microsoft Flight Simulator scheduled for a release in 2020.

Microsoft treated us with a lavish trailer depicting vast, detailed landscapes seen from the skies captured in 4K glory. It is a sight to behold with particularly realistic lighting effects and an almost photo-realistic quality to the oceans, mountains, craters, cities, and iconic monuments that pepper the footage. Of course, we get to see all manner of planes from massive 747s to small twin-engine aircraft and everything in between.

Microsoft says it is focusing on ‘’the authenticity of flying’’ through partnerships with aviation industry partners and updated tech to provide ‘’the best-in-class flight simulation experience.’’ The trailer also mentions the game is powered by satellite data and azure AI, which presumably refers to mapping and bringing to life the realistic world below.

As for actual gameplay, we know there will be flight plans, night/day flight, realistic weather conditions, and the ability to fly anywhere on earth. If this holds and translates to the full release, the scale of Microsoft Flight Simulator will be quite simply immense.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is heading to both PC and Xbox One, although console players will have to wait a bit longer than their PC counterparts to get their hands on the new simulator. In what is a running theme for Microsoft news at this year’s E3, Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers from day one.