NBA 2k22 Demo: Will We Get One Before Release

With a release date in the next couple of days, we won't be getting a demo for the latest NBA 2K22

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2K’s NBA 2K22 is only a few short days away now, but users won’t be receiving an official demo this time around. 

A flurry of announcements has been made in recent times, suggesting big things for the latest basketball game from 2K. With a tonne of quality of life improvements for this new title, users will be pleased to hear that the much-needed enhancements from last year’s game have been addressed – albeit with no physical proof. Alongside this, the team have also announced clothing brands for MyCareer, with some interesting arrivals such as Wolverhampton Wolves.

NBA 2K22 News: No Demo This Year

Alongside this strange news, the developers have also promised a tonne of fresh features and upgrades that will see huge improvements to general gameplay. Unfortunately, players won’t be able to get a taste of the action before launch this year around. No demo.

2K has confirmed that there will be no demo for this year’s basketball game – annoying some fans exponentially.

Instead, users will be able to get last year’s preview to tie them over – great. Like many have posted, this seems like a fairly pointless venture as it won’t be a true reflection of the game’s newest features or graphical improvements.

NBA 2K22 New Shot Meter

So, what exactly is new to look forward to? Well, 2K has announced a new shot meter that will feature in the latest NBA 2K22 – offering up new levels of realism to the game. For example, better players will receive a large shot window, whereas worse players (or players fatigued or under pressure) will have a much smaller window.

Additionally, the defensive play has now been completely rebuilt, with body-up rides and bumps feeling more realistic and rewarding. Furthermore, bump steals and body snatches have also been reduced, helping to create a more competitive element to the game.

Why No NBA 2K22 Demo?

According to sources, 2K won’t be releasing a demo for NBA 2K22 because the development team wanted to spend more time focusing on creating the best game possible – for both next-gen and current systems.

2K Intel, a reputable source that has leaked information on the game before, stated back in July that there would be no demo – and here we are.

NBA 2K22 Release Date

So, when exactly is the NBA 2K22 release date?

The release date for NBA 2K22 is currently set for September 10th – with some believing a delay is imminent. Whether that’s true, however, is neither here nor there.

The game will be released in the next couple of days if all goes well, hopefully bug-free and fixing many of the issues that were raised by players of the last title.