Rocksteady Studios Confirms Suicide Squad Game

The all-but-confirmed game has finally been announced.


The developers behind the Batman: Arkham series have finally confirmed that they are working on a Suicide Squad game in a recent tweet.

The tweet was a short and sweet one but it confirmed the much-rumoured Suicide Squad title actually exists – with more details are expected on August 22nd. Rocksteady looks like they will be making a full announcement at the DC FanDome, the DC Comics’ digital fan event.

Since Batman: Arkham Origins, the possibility of a Suicide Squad game has been discussed and pondered about. In a post-credits scene, we saw Deathstroke asked by Amander Waller to join the Suicide Squad so since then, the possibility has been left open. Now, seven years later it seems we’ll finally get a continuation of that teaser.

Rumours About the Game’s Official Name

This confirmation from Rocksteady is probably not a massive surprise to many since the game has been all-but-confirmed until now. Over the past few weeks, people have been making suggestions on what the game’s full name will be.

A few weeks ago, a list of domain names was leaked which suggested that Rocksteady was working on a Suicide Squad name. According to this post on Resetera, “”, “” and “” were all registered recently. However, this information appeared on a forum from a now-deleted account so we can’t say whether it’s accurate or not.

Going off the Rocksteady tweet, it looks like they’ll be keeping it simple and calling it “Suicide Squad” but that might not mean it’s the official title.

What Do We Know About Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Game?

All we know from this tweet is that the Suicide Squad will probably be going up against the Justice League. We see a crosshair over Superman’s head with “Suicide Squad” written on it, so it’s a fair bet that Superman won’t be their biggest fan.

Earlier this year, we saw a cryptic tweet from WB Games Montreal which teased another Batman game. It was a partial picture of a crest, with the missing pieces revealed over Facebook and Instagram. Put together, we’re still not sure what it’s meant to be, but the big rumour circulating is that it’s about the Illuminati-like organisation, the Court of Owls.

Whether this will tie into the Suicide Squad game is hard to tell at the moment. It could be that we see a couple of different game announcements on August 22nd.

So far, we don’t know much else really but we’re expecting to have more to talk about in a couple of weeks. We’ll be keeping a close watch on any announcements coming from Rocksteady in the next few weeks, so be sure to check back at WePC for the latest gaming news.