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Watch The AMD RX 6000 (BIG NAVI) Announcement Here!

Dr. Su will be releasing all the major details on BIG NAVI, including release dates, performance, and price!

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AMD is finally unveiling it’s highly-anticipated AMD RX 6000-series GPU lineup, including their BIG NAVI flagship – set to challenge Nvidia’s RTX 30-series in both price and performance.

Dr. Su will be unveiling all the latest news on their RDNA 2 architecture graphics cards, including release dates, performance, and price tags. We’ll probably get some performance benchmarks comparing it to Nvidia’s latest 30-series lineup and more.

To save you the hassle of tuning in, we’ll have all the major announcements here.

Where to buy AMD RADEON RX 6000-series GPUs

RX 6000-series LIVE UPDATES

4:31pm- And that pretty much wraps things up, Dr. Su finished the announcement by thanking everyone for sticking with AMD. At those price points, AMD have put themselves slap bang infront of the competition. For me, AMD may have just taken over in both CPUs and GPUs! What an achievement!

4.30pm- The AMD RX 6900XT will hit shelves on December 8th and will cost $999!


4:29pm- The RX RADEON 6900XT goes toe to toe in a 4K benchmark with Nvidia’s RTX 3090 and comes out on top in a lot of titles!

4:29pm– AMD RX 6900XT offers 80CU, 2015MHz game clock, 2250MHz boost clock, 128MB Infinity cache, 16GB GDDR6 VRAM, 300W Total board power!


4:29pm– Dr. Su unveils the RX RADEON 6900XT! What a monster!


4:28pm- The AMD RX 6800 will hit shelves on November the 18th and will cost $579!

4:26pm- We get a closer look at the RX 6800 and the specs it comes equipped with! 60CU, 1815MHz game clock, 2105MHz Boost clock, 128MB Infinity Cache, 16GB GDDR6 VRAM, and 250W total board power!


4:25pm- AMD announces that the RX 6800XT will be available on the 18th of November and will cost $649


4:22pm- AMD are showcasing a number of different game titles that will utilize some of the new, advanced features that come with RNDA 2 architecture

4:20pm- We look at a new title – Godfall – which utilizes the new fidelityFX and Raytracing

4:17pm: We get a closer look at how the new lineup offers new latency reducing benefits – 37% lower in titles like Fortnite @4K resolution

4:16pm- A rage mode will allow users to get the absolute highest levels of performance from their 6000-series GPU

4:15pm- AMD are boasting a lot of FPS wins when comparing the 6800XT to the RTX 3080 @1440p!


4:13pm- RX 6800XT Performance benchmarks, see over 60FPS at 4K in major AAA game titles

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4:12pm- RX 6800XT Specs – 72Compute units, 2015MHz game clock, 2250MHz Boost clock, 128MB infinty cache, 16GB GDDR6 VRAM, and 300w total board power

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4:11pm- AMD has been working closely alongside Microsoft to ensure the new RX 6000 series GPUs can support advanced features, including DirectX Raytracing, Variable rate shading, mesh shades, and sampler feedback!

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4:10pm- RDNA 2 boasts impressive optimized performance, looking at a 30% frequency increase at no additional power consumption


4:09pm- We take a closer look at the revolutionary infinity cache, showing how it affects high-bandwidth gaming such as 4K resolutions.

4:08pm- RNDA 2 Architecture boasts higher performance compute units, revolutionary Infinity cache, breakthrough high-speed design, and advanced features

4:08pm- Dr. Su showcases the chip at the heart of the Big Navi!

big navi 1

4:06pm- Dr. Su says the RDNA 2 architecture lineup will be the best gaming GPU AMD have ever created, showcasing a 50% performance per watt over RNDA 1st gen.


4:05pm- Dr. Su discusses the success of the previous generation RDNA architecture GPUs, boasting GPU of the year and other awards

4:03pm- A front shot of the Big Navi pans in, and damn does it look good


RX 6000-series: Our Expectations

The event will be going live at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific and 4pm UK) and is available via the YouTube video above. AMD has titled this announcement as “Where Gaming Begins: Ep 2”, leading us to believe that, like their 5000 series Ryzen chips, the 6000-series GPU lineup will challenge Nvidia for the first time in some years.

Whilst we’ve already seen early leaked performance specs, it’s still unsure whether or not AMD’s Big Navi will perform to the same level as early leaks.

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