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Saints Row III Remastered Now Free On Epic Games Store

The decade old GTA-like game is free on Epic Game Store things week.

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Saints Row III Remastered is now free on Epic Games Store! The news comes after the official unveiling of Saints Row ‘Reboot’ last night at Gamescom 2021, sparking excitement around the franchise once again. 

Saints Row was originally released back in 2011 and quickly grew to global popularity as the first GTA-like game that actually incorporated comedy into the theme. Whilst the game was crying out for a graphical revamp, it took until 2020 before Saints Row III was officially remastered. However, thanks to a high price tag of $40, many fans of the game weren’t willing to splash the cash on a simple remaster.

Saints Row III Remastered Now Free

Fortunately for those willing to wait, Saints Row III Remastered is now free on Epic Games Store – offering up a new graphical take on the fan-favorite from yesteryear. The game looks to be on offer for a week, with the free sale ending on the 9th of September – with the latest reboot of the game not available until February 2022. 

For many, Saints Row III was the first good Saints Row game, offering up low-brow gags, pure idiocy, and down right outrage laughs. The previous versions of the game tried to imitate what GTA had previously done – but that wasn’t working. It took until Saints Row III for developers to realize the game’s true calling.

Saints Row III Remastered Trailer

How To Get Saints Row III Remastered For Free

If you’re looking to get Saints Row III Remastered for free, all you need to do is head on over to Epic Games Store and start downloading it. Of course, you’ll need login details for the site to get the game, but that is a simple process that really only takes a few minutes to process.

Once you’ve logged in, simply head over to the Saints Row III Remastered page and click the download link. It’s that simple.

Saints Row Reboot

Saints Row Reboot, as it’s being coined, got a small segment in last night’s Gamescom Opening Night Live event, showcasing a world premiere of some official gameplay and an extended trailer. The game won’t be released until Feburary 2022, so this gives fans of the game a good reason to download the remaster.

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