Sons of the Forest – File Size & How to Download

Sons of the Forest comes out on PC February, 23rd. We’ve been given some System Requirements through the Steam page, but many are probably wondering what the file size for Sons of the Forest is, and how to download it.

From what we know, the file size has more than doubled in size from The Forest. Check out what Sons of the Forest GB size is here.

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What is Sons of the Forest file size?

According to multiple sources back on the intial release date back in 2022, the file size was 15GB.

However, after what we’re sure has been an long process of tweak, adding and polishing, the Sons of the Forest file size is 20GB, which you can find courtesy of Steam.

As we previously said, The Forest has only a 5GB file size. We’re fairly certain this means plenty more map size, new mechanics, enemies and as well as the general improvements we can expect from a game 5 years it’s junior.

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How to download Sons of the Forest

At the moment, Sons of the Forest is only available to add to Wishlist. However, when it becomes available, an option to install the game will be made visible:

  • Go to Wishlist, or search for Sons of the Forest on Steam
  • Select the game
  • Click the download button
  • Wait for download to complete

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