Ubisoft Shares First Rainbow Six Quarantine Details At E3

Rainbow Six Quarantine E3 2019

Ubisoft used its press briefing at E3 2019 to share the first cluster of details about upcoming squad-based co-op tactical shooter Rainbow Six Quarantine. For good measure, the publisher threw in a gripping trailer for the game stylized in an interminable Alien-like wait for an unseen evil and a last-minute rescue.

The title draws heavily from existing Rainbow Six Siege limited-time mode Outbreak pitting players against a mysterious mutated alien parasite spreading like wildfire and infecting humans, who from that point onward become hosts for further transmission.


As a team of three operators, you must enter the dreaded confines of quarantine zones and do everything in your power to halt the parasite in its tracks. Familiar faces from Rainbow Six Siege comprise the roster of playable operators, and keen eyes will have spotted Vigil and Ela popping up at the end of the teaser.

From what we understand, the game is a pure PvE experience through and through with no PvP elements. Ubisoft is aiming to set a benchmark for PvE co-op FPS games as it did for tactical PvP and Rainbow Six Siege. Tactics, gadgets, objectives, and environmental destruction will define the gameplay loop to ‘’create a chaotic, intense, and unpredictable co-op, PvE experience.’’

The team behind Rainbow Six Quarantine is made up of Ghost Recon and For Honor alumni, bringing the project clout and hopefully catapulting the game to the same quality echelons as the massively popular Rainbow Six Siege.

Although the briefing produced a tone-setting teaser trailer and an enlightening chat from lead game designer Bio Jade, Ubisoft decided to deprive us of any gameplay footage.

As it stands, Ubisoft is hinting at a 2020 release window for Rainbow Six Quarantine alongside plans to launch simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. We expect a steady stream of details in the lead-up to release.