Windows 11 performance issues for AMD Ryzen CPUs

AMD CPU performance issues with Windows 11

Windows 11 performance issues AMD Ryzen CPU

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The recent release of the new Windows has not been without a few teething problems, and it seems like Windows 11 is causing some performance issues with AMD Ryzen CPUs after the systems are upgraded to the new OS. Read below for the details.

Windows 11 AMD CPU performance drop

According to a recent release by AMD, conflict between their CPU chips and Windows 11 has led to performance drops of between 3-5% in most affected applications with drops as high as 10-15% in some games “commonly used for esports”. Not ideal if you are a competitive gamer running an AMD rig.

What is causing the AMD Ryzen Windows 11 performance drop?

There are two main sources of the Windows 11 performance issues on Ryzen CPUs which have been identified so far:

  • Windows 11 causing L3 cache latency issues in AMD CPUs – up to three times the norm
  • Windows 11 having issues managing AMD preferred core technology, leading to efficiency drops particularly on CPUs with more than 8 cores.

Our advice is to hold off updating Windows on your PC if you’ve got an AMD CPU. Both AMD and Microsoft are “actively investigating these known issues for resolution via software updates.” The likelihood is that the issues will be (at least partly) solved soon, with both companies planning on releasing an update later in October 2021.

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