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XPG Showcases Next-Gen DDR5 ‘Caster’ RGB Memory Modules

ADATA's gaming division will showcase new memory modules with up to 32GB capacities and 7400MHz speeds

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The wait for DDR5 modules is almost over, with many high-end manufacturers finally starting to reveal what they’ve been working on over the last couple of years. The latest to come to the table is ADATA’s gaming division, XPG.

The gaming-focused division has recently been showing off its next-gen DDR5 memory modules – set to be a part of its high-end ‘Caster’ lineup. Like other DDR5 offerings, the ‘Caster’ lineup is going to launch sometime in Q3 of 2021!

XPG DDR5 ‘Caster’ Memory Modules Set To Release In Q3 2021

From an aesthetics standpoint, the ‘Caster’ lineup looks relatively similar to the Spectrix memory modules which have been around for some years now. However, whilst there isn’t a huge difference on the surface, the same is most certainly not the case for the internal workings of the two generations.

The latest memory modules will come packing new DDR5 DRAM ICs which will enable more than double the transfer speed and much higher bandwidth too.

XPG DDR5 ‘Caster’ Memory Performance & Specifications

Looking at the physical specifications of XPG’s DDR5 memory, users can expect modules ranging from 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB – all of which will feature speeds between 6000MHz and 7400MHz, respectively. That’s a huge leap when compared to JEDEC’s 4800MHz native speeds and also a great deal faster than TeamGroup’s latest offering.

Whilst there has been no official statement regarding the increased speeds of XPG’s DDR5 memory modules, we can only speculate that the reason lies with the target demographic – gamers. Whilst the other modules we mentioned are tailored towards the general consumer, the opposite is true for XPG’s offering.

The company is already working closely with major motherboard partners – such as ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte, and MSI – to ensure compatibility won’t be problematic come release date (Q3 2021). As you can see from the images above, the design of the new RAM kits will be characterized by a two-tone styling of matte black and matte grey. XPG will offer an RGB and non-RGB version of the RAM – with the former retailing at slightly more (presumably). XPG state that voltages will remain at 1.1V – possible thanks to the PMIC (power management IC) chip that helps dictate power on the memory itself.

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