Our 5 Best Computer Desks of 2020 & 2021 (L-shaped, Tempered Glass & Height Adjustment)

Our Best Computer Desks Of 2019 L Shaped Tempered Glass Height Adjustment

There comes a time in every desks life where it begins to feel the effects of excessive usage and starts to deteriorate past the point of no return. This is, usually, when people decide enough is enough and start the search for a new, fancy looking computer desk that's going to serve them well for years to come. This being said, finding the right computer desk for you can be a strenuous task, especially when you consider the amount of research and product trolling that comes with it. This is where WEPC lends a helping hand.

Our team of PC enthusiasts spend hours every week browsing through the newest and most anticipated hardware offerings the technology universe has to offer. Whether it's a brand new CPU or the latest office chair, you can be assured that one of our team members has taken the time to review and test that product in full.

In the following article, we outline what we believe to be the very best computer desks available in today's market. So, without further delay, let's have a look at the top 5 computer desks we recommend, but first...

Why buy a computer desk?

There is a tonne of different reasons why you as a consumer would be looking to buy a computer desk, but most often it's because the one you're currently using has become outdated or unusable. This being said, however, there are loads of benefits that come with buying a good computer desk and we've listed some of those reasons below:

  • Great aesthetic design
  • Large work surface
  • Ergonomic height
  • Far better cable management
  • Adjustable feet pads
  • Better build quality
  • Longer lifespan

The list could go on and on, but for now, we'll leave you with those. Many of the desks in this best of guide feature these benefits and display excellent value for money. Furthermore, each desk will have its own specific set of unique features that separate it from the rest.

This being said, let's take a brief look at some of the areas that need consideration when looking to purchase a new desk...

What makes the best computer desks?

It's very important to know what makes a computer desk a good one. Having the correct knowledge of key areas will in turn help you make the right purchase for your specific needs. Furthermore, being able to identify these areas will mean you have the best possible chance of buying a product with much better value for money. So, let's take a look at the key areas which could make or break a computer desk purchase:

Build Quality & Materials - A desk is something that you purchase once every 5-10 years so knowing that it's going to last the test of time is pretty crucial. The most important part of a desk's longevity is the materials that are used in its makeup. Solid woods and decent metals are an absolute must to ensure your desk is going to last for the foreseeable future. Also, make sure the fittings and fixtures are all solid and well engineered, if not, you might find your new desk creaking much sooner than you previously thought.

Large Work Surface - Having a large working surface is underrated in my opinion. I have seen loads of situations where a person(s) is using an insufficient workspace and could really benefit from something larger. Having room to be organized, clutter-free and generally better prepared makes using your computer for work or gaming a shed load easier.

Aesthetic Design - If the desk you're looking to purchase is one that's going to live in your own home, a decent aesthetic design is sometimes hard to come by. You want the desk to fit into your home perfectly and not look out of place. A lot of cheaper desks have a poor aesthetic design and ultimately make your working space much less desirable.

There are plenty of other areas that are important, ie, storage capacity, cable management, and weight load. But generally, these are the areas that you want to be concerning yourself with first as they will have a huge say in how good your desk truly is.

The Best Computer Desks This 2021

Our Pick

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

The Walker Edison corner desk is one of our favourite options for both working and gaming purposes. The L-shape design maximizes the workable surface space and means you can have 2 setups going simultaneously. Just think, PC/laptop on one side, note pad and books the other. It's a great solution for a writer or research worker who wants versatility in their desk.

The design is bold whilst still being sleek and luxurious. The tempered glass offers a stylish look that fits into almost any settings. The corner desk comes in 3 pieces and can be re-arranged to your desired style which I feel is a huge bonus in a desk of this price.

Functionality isn't the greatest on this desk as there aren't any external drawers or storage areas, however, with a surface as large as this one, you don't necessarily need anything extra.

Overall, a great all-around desk that's looks great and offers a tonne of room.

Runner Up Pick

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk

The SHW home office desk is the second L-shaped desk in this best-of guide and comes to shelves with a sleek, wood grained finish. This desk is perfect for a home work station and offers some cool features such as a large work surface, easy assembly, and some storage capacity underneath.

The desk is quite large which could be an issue for some consumers, however, if you have the room to accommodate this desk, you get rewarded with a great work surface. The surface is large and has the ability to house almost any setup you throw at it.

The design is a mix between classic and modern which in turn caters towards a much larger demographic. That being said, the wood finish might struggle to fit into certain settings, especially if you're looking to create a gaming hub.

Ultimately, this is another brilliant L-shape desk with a few additional features that go a long way in making this one of our top computer desk options.

Professional Pick

Mecor 43”Large MDF Computer Office Desk

Mecor makes a great claim for the best standard office desk with this sleek and stylish option that would look perfect in a home or work office setting. The design is subtle and simplistic and for me looks fantastic.

The true draw of this desk, however, is the large 43" work surface which is ideal for any kind of workspace. As you can see from the image above, the desk looks elegant if used in the right setting. Thanks to the white powder coated legs - which are extremely sturdy - the desk is going to work with many different styles and decors.

The build quality of this desk feels robust and fit to last which, if you've read the full article, is one of our top areas to consider upon purchasing a desk. The assembly is extremely easy and the desk comes with 4 adjustable leg pads that can be altered to address any uneven floor mishaps.

Taking everything into consideration, I feel the Mecor is a great desk based on its features and benefits. Once you put the price into the equation, you realize how much value for money this desk actually displays.

Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk

The Tribesign's Modern computer desk is our second standard computer desk offering in this list, I bet you can see a pattern forming here, and displays true aesthetic beauty thanks to an elegantly simple design.

Now, not all desks are made for mass storage consumption and this is certainly one of them. The design is simple and has one sole purpose. To give the user a large work area that is going to last for years to come. No additional storage compartments can be found, neither can handy, built-in cable management solutions.

What this loses in functionality, however, is made up for in design and style. This desk would look great in a wide range of settings and is super easy to assemble for even the least technically gifted folks out there.

If you're looking for simplicity that is going to last, look no further.

high-end pick

Analiese 4-Drawer Writing Desk

We finally come to our last recommendation in this computer desk best-of guide and it comes in the shape of a writing desk. Confused? Well, don't be.

Sometimes what we want from a computer desk is; a large work surface, extra storage compartments and a nice design to ties things off. Well, the Analiese has all of those features and more, who cares that it's isn't specifically a computer desk?

The great thing about the Analiese is that it looks fantastic right out of the box. The engineered veneer makes the desk look rugged and rustic, which to my knowledge, is right in fashion at the moment.

Looks aside though, this desk comes offering a really solid footing thanks to its quality design and the solid materials used throughout. The desk comes with 4 drawers that can accommodate a healthy amount of storage whether it be books, stationary or bits n bobs lying around.

For me, if you're looking for a desk which can do the lot, then this is surely the pick for you, just be warned... this sort of functionality doesn't come cheap.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, our comprehensive guide to the best computer desks available this 2021. We have tried to recommend options that fit different categories such as, budget, functionality, and storage accommodation. 

We have selected each of the desks based on our core criteria so you can be confident in the knowledge that whichever desk you choose, you're going to be purchasing an excellent desk.

Let us know which desk you decided to go for and why? My favorite was the Analiese, it just looks superb... but what was yours!?

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