Corsair Glaive Mouse Review

Corsair Glaive Mouse Review

The Corsair Glaive may be a behemoth but it floats across the desk like a butterfly. A high-performance mouse for under £50/$50!

Corsair is a company I tend to look for when considering a new case, PSU or keyboard but not usually mice. Corsair seems to have struggled at competing with the other manufacturers in the mouse game but with the Corsair Glaive, it looks like we have a mouse designed to compete with the likes of the Deathadder Elite and other mid-range ergonomic mice. The price reflects this desire to compete also with the mouse retailing at around £50/$50 putting it close to the DA Elite but still cheaper. The mouse has a reliable sensor and some great features all packed into a premium feeling mouse.

The mouse looks superb with some excellent design features. Some may call this mouse plain but I disagree it's simple yet one of the nicest looking mice you can get for around this price. Its certainly one of the nicest looking mice corsair have ever made and it handled pretty well considering its a fairly cheap mouse. It comes with some intuitive software and a bit of customisation which I think makes this mouse a possible bargain.


  • Ergonomic Shape - Sits in the hand nicely.
  • Design - Attractive mouse
  • Performance - Accurate and reliable sensor.
  • High Quality - Well built and feels solid.
  • Software - Intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Grip - Interchangeable grips


  • Wheel - Stiff to click
  • Right-handed only

Corsair Glaive Mouse Photo 4

Mouse Size & Weight

  • Weight: 120g
  • Size: Large
  • Length: 12.5 cm -4.9 inches
  • Width: 9.1 cm - 3.5 inches
  • Height: 4.4 cm - 1.7 inches
  • Hand Orientation: Right

Mouse Tech

  • Sensor: PMW3367 Optical
  • Buttons: Omron (50M)
  • DPI: 200-16000
  • Polling Rate: 125/250/500/1000Hz
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable: Braided
  • Cable Length: 1.8 metres

What's in the box

Corsair Glaive Mouse Photo 2

Corsairs packaging is usually always high quality and you often feel you have bought a product that is built to last just from looking at the box. The box is mostly black and is accented by the classic yellow we see featured on almost every box. The products featured on the front with mouse features and specs on the surrounding area.

Inside we have:

  • Corsair Glaive RGB gaming mouse
  • 2 extra thumb grips
  • Quick start guide

Size & Weight

Corsair Glaive Mouse Photo 1

When you first look at the Glaive it doesn't appear to be any larger than your other ergonomic mice but as soon as you put your hand on you realise its got some girth to it! It's only 12.5 cm long which is shorter than the Deathadder and you would struggle to tell them apart if it wasn't for the slightly quirkier design from Corsair. The width is 9.1 cm which is one of the widest mice I have ever used, that being said the width was comfortable and the mouse felt snug when gripped but its a hefty one. The Glaive has a height of 4.4cm which is the same as the DA Elite but they share this gentle bow-like curve on the top making the mouse feel a bit smaller than it is. It's for medium-sized hands as it's not particularly long but if you have quite wide hands then this could be a great option for you. My hands are 11cm wide and this mouse is just about the right size for me to use effectively in-game.

The mouse weighs 120g which makes it over 20 grams heavier than the DA Elite and EC1-B. Despite this higher weight, the mouse glides easily across the pad and due to it giving me a snug grip it felt like an extension of my hand and felt reasonably lightweight. The weight seems evenly distributed and the mouse has a beautiful balance to it which I think helped give me a more consistent experience. The overall size and weight of the mouse felt like it's for medium-sized hands but I have no doubt a larger hand could make great use of this mouse with a hybrid claw/palm grip. Small and medium-sized hands would easily palm or claw grip this mouse and it glides easily enough to make it viable for fingertip gripping gamers too. If you prefer a heavier mouse but like the sound of the Glaive don't worry, You can get the Aluminum version which weighs an extra 7 grams so there is an option for you.

Shape & Texture

Corsair Glaive Mouse Photo 5

The Glaive looks like some love baby between the Rival 600 and the Razer Deathadder and you can tell as soon as you take it out the box that the shape of the mouse has been designed with comfort in mind. It features slightly higher primary buttons than the likes of the Rival 600 or the FPS Pro but it's got the same gentle ergonomic curve which gives these mice supreme comfort for right-handed gamers. It slopes off in quite a steep fashion but with no edges or bumps to catch on your palm, it feels excellent to grip. My hand naturally wraps around the mouse covering it like a blanket and its been a joy to use. The Mouse has a sharp drop off on the left where we see some extra design features and it tapers in to give you a ledge for your thumb regardless of what interchangeable grip you use. The interchangeable grips don't really affect the shape at all and I found all 3 of them comfy to use but my favourite was the textured one with an indentation as it gave me a bit more control while still being comfortable. The mouse comes with the straighter grip on the side of the mouse as default and has an arched one that allows you to rest your thumb parallel to the pad like on the Dark Core.

The Glaive is smooth soft-touch matte plastic all over and is split with some interesting grooves cut out to give help the  RGB stand out more. The default grip that comes attached shares the same texture which gives you a very good grip but can pick up a bit more dirt than smooth plastic. The material feels great and adds to the overall comfort of the mouse. The other grips share a textured rubber surface similar to the right-hand side of the mouse giving all your fingers a great grip wherever they touch the mouse. There is a smooth reflective piece of plastic running down the left side of the mouse which is just a design feature and houses one of the three RGB zones on the Glaive.


Corsair Glaive Mouse Photo 6

There are a total of 6 programmable buttons on the Glaive which is about the norm for an ergonomic mouse aimed at FPS players. The primary buttons are part of the main shell and have Omron developed switches that have a durability of 50 million clicks. The switches have a low actuation and a very satisfying click to them. Despite being part of the main shell I didn't notice any performance issues or difference really to spit trigger mice. The buttons flatten out from the middle and are very comfortable to rest on plus there was no accidental clicking so they are well designed.

In between the primary buttons, you get a clickable scroll wheel that looks and feels very robust and chunky. It looks like a little off-road tire and gives you a slight tactile response when scrolling but not much. There is no RGB with the wheel but in a dark room, there is a slight glow from the RGB underneath it. The wheel has a nice meaty click to it but its a bit stiffer than I'd like and it wasn't the best to use in-game for a quick command.

Behind the Wheel is your DPI button allowing you to quickly change DPI settings on the fly. The button has a nice actuation force and the click produces a pleasant noise. It cycles up through DPI settings but as its only one button, it only cycles one way. You can change the preset DPI options in the software if you want to but it's nice that it comes with 5 already set for you to cycle through. There is also a nice line of LED's showing you which DPI setting you are on and looks like a little volume bar. The button keeps out of the way regardless of the different grip styles I tried and couldn't be accidentally pressed.

The Glaive features some rather unique side buttons partly due to the design of where they sit. There are 2 thumb buttons and they appear to stick out from underneath the shell protruding out just above the grip panel. I found the buttons to be in a good position with barely any travel. I only really used this mouse for FPS titles and I don't use my thumb buttons apart from selecting grenades which they did easily enough. Your experience with these side buttons may change depending on your hand size or grip style but I found the straight interchangeable grip to make it harder when clicking the side buttons due to its defined straight edge.


The cable on the Glaive is braided. the braiding is smooth and I didn't seem to get any friction issues from my cloth pad while using it. It took a while to work out the bends from being packaged but I use a bungee and couldn't really notice any problems with the cable. It's 1.8 metres long and has a good enough thickness to sit in most bungees but it did slip through the budget bungee, like most of the other mice.

Sensor & Performance

Corsair Glaive Mouse Photo 7

The Corsair Glaive features the PixArt 3367 sensor which is essentially a tweaked variant on the PMW3360. The differences are barely noticeable between the sensors but even though its not the newest it's still regarded as one of the better sensors. So at around £50/$50, the sensor isn't too bad and it goes up to 16,000 DPI if you ever needed it to. The performance overall was excellent and the mouse remained jitter-free. I couldn't get the sensor to spin out regardless of what I set the DPI to.

Jumping in-game the precise nature of the sensor became apparent and thanks to the shape being so comfortable it didn't take to long to get used to this mouse regardless of the weight. Whether I was tracking looters in PUBG or sweating out a clutch in CSGO the sensor performed really overall. The mouse felt smooth and despite its size and weight, the Glaive is quite nimble. The meaty mouse felt great for locking onto targets but I did struggle when having to flick up and down slightly more than I would normally due to the size of the mouse.

The Glaive is great and its width makes it feel like a unique ergonomic option but I would like it just a tiny bit smaller if I had to be picky. The mouse gives you a very smooth experience and has an IPS speed of 450 so the sensor will be able to track at ridiculous speeds.

Mouse Software

The Glaive makes use of Corsairs intuitive iCUE software which is well designed and easy to use. It's up there with the better software available from manufacturers and I enjoyed getting to grips with it over the last week. You can, of course, make your usual performance adjustments in the software or personalise the lighting zones. It has a surface calibration tool that's simple to use if you need it. You can also set your desired DPI stages in there and then cycle between them using the DPI button.

The mouse comes with 3 very vivid RGB zones and the RGB on the front of the mouse is exquisite. The mouse looks truly brilliant with the room lights turned off its a masterpiece on the desk and you can change the different effects if you like. The rain effect was cool as I hadn't seen this before with other mice. You have cross-device syncing so you can get all of your corsair peripherals synced up to turn your bedroom into a rave.

Go more in-depth with iCUE here.

Our Verdict

The overall feel of the mouse is brilliant. It's well built and feels high quality, the sensor performed flawlessly throughout my testing and when you pair this with the brilliant ergonomic shape you get a mouse that is technically superb for competitive FPS. Some might find it heavy but it's one of the nicest mice I've used thanks to its interesting design and the beautiful RGB. It comes with some cool grip customisation which is a lovely touch. You get all this for under £50/$50 which makes this a seriously good bargain and a possible contender.