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Logitech G Pro Wired Mouse Review

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A lightweight tournament level gaming mouse that boasts an affordable price tag.

The Logitech G100’s replacement comes in the shape of the much anticipated G Pro Wired. Logitech continually works on trying to expand their gaming peripheral armory and with this comes another highly powered stripped-back gaming mouse. The G Pro comes equipped with the PMW3366 optical sensor with true 12,000 DPI and Omron developed switches with an impressive 50 million click life span. Logitech has stuck with their classic gaming blueprint for the G Pro’s shape which comes in at a slender 83g and fits perfectly into my grip. The Pro has 6 strategically placed buttons to increase usability for in-game binds and has 1 RGB lighting zone with a bunch of customizable profiles that can be tweaked using Logitech’s great product software “G Hub”.

Logitech’s G Pro goes under the Gaming Verdict spotlight today to see if it stands up to its competition. With the likes of the Razer Mamba Elite looming large we delve into Logitech’s world to see what they have to offer in terms of tournament level gaming mice. The G Pro is both lightweight and well built, boasts a truly brilliant ergonomic design and is on shelves for a very affordable price tag. To me, it sounds a little too good to be true and I guess there’s only one way to find out.




  • Lightweight
  • Great palm feel
  • Perfect weight distribution
  • 6 strategically designed mouse buttons
  • Great Optical Sensor




  • Thumb buttons a little too sensitive
  • Only 1 DPI cycle button
  • Extra thick Mouse cable



Logitech G Pro Wired Product Rear



Mouse Size & Weight

  • Weight: 83g
  • Size: Small
  • Length: 11.66cm -4.5 inches
  • Width: 6.21cm – 2.4 inches
  • Height: 3.8cm – 1.6 inches
  • Hand orientation: Semi-Ambidextrous



Mouse Tech

  • Sensor: Optical PMW3366
  • Buttons: 50 Million Click Life Span
  • DPI: 200-12000 (increments of 50)
  • Polling Rate: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000Hz
  • Connection: Wired



What’s in the box

Logitech G Pro Wired Product Box

The Logitech G Pro comes housed in a simple box with the black and blue exterior. Inside you will find the plastic casing which seats your mouse strengthened by a thin piece of reinforced cardboard. If you’ve never owned a Logitech mouse before you’ll probably be mildly impressed by the method in which Logitech has decided to package the cable. Unlike most other mouse brands where the cable is tightly bundled behind the mouse, the G Pro has its cable wrapped around the outside of the interior plastic to counter any tangling and kinking. Among this, you will find your user manual, a warranty card, and user support information. Overall pretty standard.

  • G Pro Gaming Mouse
  • User Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty Card
  • User Support Card


Logitech G Pro Wired Product Right Side

Firstly let’s talk about the size, here at GV we consider anything under 12cm to be of small descent and the G Pro falls under that category nicely at 11.66 cm, which happens to be the shortest mouse I have tested to date. The weight comes in at a skinny 83g which in today’s market can still be considered on the light side. However, with the popularity of light mice growing you’ll not be surprised to hear I really enjoyed the weight of this one. The width of the G Pro is just over 6cm giving it a ratio of roughly 2-1 which is widely considered ideal for most hand types. Logitech has classified this as an ambidextrous mouse, however, the mouse only has additional thumb buttons on its left-hand side meaning if you’re a left-hander that utilizes thumb buttons then you’re out of luck here. I did find the overall size and shape very pleasing though and this comes from an avid Deathadder user. Usually, when you are changing from a bigger mouse you feel awkward and a bit uneasy but with the G Pro the transfer was uncomplicated and I actually prefer the lightweight design now. Crazy.

Shape & Texture

Logitech G Pro Wired Product Angle 1

The G Pro uses high-quality plastic for both the body and the shell of the G Pro, they’ve decided to leave the finish of the plastic natural which makes for a great hand feel but could be problematic if perspiration occurs. The side’s of the Pro has been finished with a subtle roughness which definitely promotes grip. The top of the shell has a similar finish but not as pronounced which allows the user to subtly alter their hand position without it being too grippy. The G Pro is great for claw grip and fingertip users but feels a little too small for someone using the palm grip style. I myself use a hybrid grip with half my palm on the mouse leaving my fourth finger and pinky trailing over the right side and I found the G Pro to be really comfortable. The main hump is situated perfectly for my hand (18.5cm – 11cm) creating a feeling of total control without the additional grip that other mice try to provide. Overall Logitech hasn’t changed the design a great deal but has tweaked it just enough so that it feels fresh.

Buttons & Cable

Logitech G Pro Wired Product Angle 2

Logitech has equipped the G Pro with 6 buttons total, this includes 2 additional thumb buttons which are perfectly placed for command binding in games such as CSGO. The 2 primary buttons are separate from the main shell of the mouse and have a relatively high actuation pressure which is great as it reduced accidental clicking massively. Both M1 and M2 have a slight indent which promotes a firmer grip and slope down gently to cater to more hand and grip styles. I really enjoy the feel Logitech have given the scroll wheel in this mouse, each step can be felt clearly but are loose enough to make rapid scrolling easily achievable. Similar to the G100 the DPI button on the G Pro is a cycle switch that goes up in steps until it’s reached maximum DPI, once achieved it will restart its cycle from the lowest DPI setting. This makes on the fly sensitivity changes much more difficult which is not ideal and fairly none practical. The 2 side buttons have been positioned and designed for ease of use and anyone that’s into command binding will be very pleased with how Logitech has achieved this here.

Logitech G Pro Wired Product Left Side

The cable has been designed with durability in mind and has been manufactured using thick braided fibre. Much thicker than anything on the market today and it really feels it. We tried using the G Pro without the assistance of a bungee and it was clear right away that it was going to be problematic. Not only were the drag points fairly obvious but the braid on the cable was almost attracting resistance from the mat and the edge of the desk. However, when used with a bungee the cable was no longer a problem. Alternatively, if you are a Logitech advocate and money isn’t an option I would highly recommend checking out the new Logitech G Pro Wireless which for me is up there with the best gaming mice on the market. Worth noting, the cable on the G Pro is quite thick and we almost struggled to get a firm grip using the Razer bungee, so just do some research when looking to pair this up with one. I’d recommend checking out our Bungee page to see which one suits this mouse perfectly.

Performance & Sensor

Logitech G Pro Wired Product Bottom


I’ve been testing the Logitech G Pro for a while now and so far I’m really impressed with its super-ergonomic design and it’s lightweight snappy feel when playing FPS games. The biggest pro for me has to be the sensor which is still considered to be one of the best optical sensors available today. Super responsive and absolutely zero smoothing that gives the feeling of complete accuracy which definitely boosts your confidence when in-game. Spinouts have been an issue for me down the line but this sensor seems to have solved that issue. I’ve been using this mouse extensively for the last week and I have yet to experience any. When playing CSGO I noticed my flick shots when AWP’ing were definitely more accurate and you can probably thank the lightweight design for this. Sometimes with a chunkier mouse, your reaction time is delayed slightly due to the additional weight, especially after long gaming sessions, but the G Pro’s lightweight design doesn’t apply as much pressure on the arm meaning your reactions and stamina aren’t affected.  The side buttons worked perfectly but I did experience a couple of accidental clicks due to the light actuation sensitivity, this wasn’t a massive issue and I got used to the position and sensitivity relatively quickly. I subconsciously compared the G Pro to the Razer Abyssus, which I absolutely loved, as it’s almost identical in size and very similar in terms of price. I concluded that the G Pro’s design felt slightly better in my hand especially over extended periods of time. My overall gameplay was very similar using the 2 mice but with the addition of the 2 thumb buttons, my game felt much more complete using the G Pro. Overall I was extremely pleased with how the G Pro performed and really struggled to find an area of real negativity.

Mouse Software

The Logitech G Pro uses the ever-popular G Hub product software which is needed to optimize efficiency but not required to use the mouse and some of the features. I really enjoy Logitech’s G Hub as it’s basically a vamped up standalone customization tool and portal for Logitech peripherals which works great, something I couldn’t say about other brands on the market at the moment. Overall G Hub is a stripped-back, more intuitive version of LGS with many of the same features. Create and change Profiles, bind macros and commands to your desired preference, utilize the 16.8 million different possibilities for the G Pro’s RGB zones and more. All this makes for a very user-friendly enjoyable app to use. However, it’s worth noting that LGS will become obsolete for anything designed after December 2018.

Additionally, all drivers and updates can be done through either LGS or G Hub which is handy if you have a preference. I’d recommend checking out our page on LGS & G hub if you are new to Logitech products.

Our Verdict

What we have here is Logitech’s answer to a fantastic, all-round gaming mouse which caters for almost all users. There are a couple of stand out features which are worth a mention with the G Pro. Firstly we must give acknowledgment to the excellent sensor Logitech have used here, the PMW3366. Still considered to be one of the best sensors available and is surely a massive draw for many consumers out there. Further to this, it’s lightweight, ergonomic design makes for a fantastic hand-feel and creates the sense of total control which is what every FPS gamer dreams of. If you are looking for an affordable gaming mouse with top-level specs then look no further as this one ticks all the boxes.

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