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Fix Humankind Crash at Loading Screen Error 2020.3.7f1_dd97f2c94397

How To Fix Humankind Crash at Loading Screen Error - Humankind Unity Error 2020.3.7f1_dd97f2c94397

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This page will tell you how to fix the Humankind crash at loading screen error, listed as Unity error 2020.3.7f1_dd97f2c94397

Although the early customer reviews of Humankind, the new Civ challenging game from Amplitude, have been mostly positive on Steam, one thing that has annoyed some people is this particular error that prevents the game from loading in the first place. Many Humankind players get a black screen which the game gets stuck on, or the game loads to 90% and then crashes altogether.

Humankind Crash At Loading Screen Error Caused By Conflict

The main reason for the Unity error 2020.3.7f1_dd97f2c94397 appears to be a conflict between the game engine and other files on your computer. The below page will take you through the steps most likely to resolve these problems.

Although we can’t guarantee that the below fixes will definitely work for everyone and stop Humankind crashing every time, they certainly resolve the problem for most people.


Update Your Drivers

The first step with any errors like this is to always make sure your drivers are updated, especially graphics card drivers, so do this before going ahead with any of the steps further down.

Remove any Humankind Beta Files

Secondly, if you took part in the Humankind beta or the OpenDev, the issue may be being caused by a conflict with residual files from these previous installations of earlier versions of the game.

Typically you will want to navigate to: \Users\[username]\Documents\Humankind\

You can then delete any folders pertaining to the beta or OpenDev versions, and if you are able we recommend just uninstalling the game and deleting the entire Humankind folder to be on the safe side, then reinstalling the game and seeing if it now runs.

Disable Any Programs That May Conflict With Humankind Unity Engine

Several different programs can conflict with the Unity engine and cause Humankind Unity error 2020.3.7f1_dd97f2c94397.

Two known culprits of Unity error 2020.3.7f1_dd97f2c94397 appear to be Logitech RGB and AMD software – so you will want to disable these two first and see if it makes a difference.

Disabling antivirus software is the next thing you will want to do if the above does not work.

Finally, if none of the above proves effective, you should attempt a ‘clean boot’ to disable all software that may be causing the issue. As follows:

  1. Press the Windows Key + R to bring up Run and type msconfig into the field, then press Enter.
  2. Go to the Services tab and make sure Hide all Microsoft services is checked at the bottom.
  3. Click Disable all.
  4. Go to the Startup tab and click Open Task Manager.
  5. Disable one task at a time and then restart your computer.
  6. Attempt to run Humankind – if it works you will then have to repeat the process several times by only disabling some software to narrow down which is causing the problem. If it does not work then the launch error is not caused by a software conflict and you will likely have to wait for a patch.

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