BeHardware acquired by WePC

WePC (part of the BGFG group) has acquired BeHardware as part of its long-term strategy to strengthen our offering and overall portfolio.

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On the 14th January 2021, WePC (part of the BGFG group) successfully acquired, a website that took a foothold in the PC industry after its launch in May 1997 and re-launch in November 2004 by Editor-in-chief Jack Buger. Since its launch, BeHardware has been a resource that provides its audience with the most up-to-date and independent information to guide its readers through the different PC hardware and peripheral choices, paying special attention to gaming monitors, CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, and PC builds.

With BGFG acquiring BeHardware, we have decided to merge the brand with our fast-growing brand WePC. As always, our focus will be on the end-user, our million-plus readership who come to WePC for the best consumer insight, recommendations, and guides on PC hardware for the everyday PC gamer and hardware enthusiast.

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