Best Gaming Chairs of 2021

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Buying the best gaming chair for your body and build can be hard. Aside from the hundreds of options to choose from, you have to consider price, materials, comfort, and features that range from lumbar support to build quality. This is why we’ve only featured the most comfortable and ergonomic chairs in today’s market including brands such as Secretlab and DX Racer.

Secretlab OMEGA
Editors Pick

Secretlab Omega

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Secretlab TITAN

Secretlab Titan

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DXRacer Formula Series Conventional Mesh and PVC Leather FD101 Black
Mesh Pick

DX Racer Formula Series

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GTracing eSports Gaming Chair
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GTRacing ProGaming

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DXRacer Formula Series Conventional Gaming Chair Mesh FD01 Black Red

DX Racer Gaming Series

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What to look for

You’ve seen all the products above but chances are you’re still confused at this point. So, what exactly are the features that make a good gaming chair?



Neck headrest and lumbar support are the most common support features found on good gaming chairs. The right neck headrest and lumbar support ensure your lower back is properly supported. This also prevents and reduces your back pain, which greatly improves your mental focus and your performance in the game.



Gaming chairs are designed to provide the utmost comfort when sitting for long hours. Material quality may give you an idea of how it feels when you sit on it, but there’s often a large difference between two chairs that use the same materials. That brings us to…



If you always find it hard to get comfortable then you might have a unique set of requirements, if this the case then fear not, the mid to higher-end gaming chairs now offer a whole plethora of cool features and functionality:

  • Seat height adjustment
  • Armrest adjustment
  • Tilt adjustment
  • Recline adjustment
  • Back height adjustment

Just keep in mind: the more of these features you get, the more expensive the chair will end up being.



A good gaming chair should be made of durable materials. No one wants to buy a gaming chair only to need to replace it within the next 3 months or so. Typically, you would want the frame to be made of strong, long-lasting materials like steel.

As for the padding, armrests, and body of the seat, you should look for materials such as, but not limited to:

  • cold cured foam
  • memory foam
  • polyurethane



Aside from being compatible with a console setup or a PC setup, there are gaming chairs that are compatible with other devices, such as:

  • steering wheels
  • racing keyboard stand
  • flight simulation pack
  • monitor stands/mounts

Generally, these input devices let the user experience their games in new ways but require obtuse sitting arrangements. Because both chairs and these devices are expensive, it is vital that you take your time to understand the compatibility you are looking for.

How We Choose

For me, a good gaming chair is a complete necessity. Finding the right one can be determined by several key areas. The following is a list of the areas which we consider most important when selecting a quality chair:

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Chair Functionality
  • Lumbar support
  • Build materials & quality
  • Aesthetics

Ultimately, if the chair you’re looking to buy can tick off a few of these fundamental criteria, you’re more than likely onto a winner. However, finding a chair that houses all these qualities can sometimes be expensive and challenging, meaning you have to spend endless amounts of time researching numerous different options.

This is where WePC comes into the equation. Our team of dedicated computer enthusiasts spends their days researching and testing the best hardware offerings on the market and have focused their energy on this guide on finding the best gaming chair.

How We Test

Testing the products we recommend is a huge part of the overall selection process in our best of guides. It’s a way to make sure what we recommend is, without a doubt, the best option in its specific category.

To be sure a product is “the best,” it must show excellent performance in our tests, and display better qualities and features than the competition it faces.

Most of the products we recommend here at WePC have gone through a strict testing process that involves everything from the price and performance to build quality, efficiency, and aesthetics. Each product is pushed to the limit to see how it performs under intense stress to make sure it warrants our coveted top spot.

Doing this enables us to provide you with the most accurate review of how the product performs and, ultimately, whether it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

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