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What Is A TN Monitor? The Quick Rundown

A brief explanation of what a TN monitor is.

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TN, or Twisted nematic, is a type of LCD panel display technology commonly found in modern gaming monitors. Historically, monitor manufacturers would often choose TN panels when designing a gaming monitor – thanks to speed and responsiveness it would bring to the table.

Furthermore, they were often considered the cheapest amongst the major panel technologies, allowing manufacturers to reduce monitor prices whilst still offering high-end performance. Ultimately, whilst ISP monitors have become much more responsive in recent years, TN has always been considered the fastest on offer.



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It isn’t just the best gaming monitors that make use of TN panels, gaming laptops also opt for this cheaper alternative too. On the other hand, TN does fall short when it comes to color, viewing angles, and accuracy. Both VA (vertical alignment) and IPS (in-plane switch) and better alternatives in these particular spectrums.

Modern TN panels offer up refresh rates that reach 360Hz refresh rates, low 1ms response times, and incredibly low input lag. This combination makes them the purchase choice for gamers – especially if they want a budget-friendly option over IPS.

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Are TN Panels Better Than IPS?

Well, that depends on what you prioritize in your monitor’s performance.

From a general response standpoint, TN panels do offer more responsiveness and greater levels of gaming performance. However, if you’re into color accuracy, viewing angles, and general picture quality, the IPS panel comes out on top.

Is TN Good For Gaming?

TN panels are the most reponsive available in today’s market. Whilst IPS panels are getting quicker, they still fall short of TN.

Using a TN panel will help create a smooth gaming experience – generally void of screen artifacts like blurring and smearing. However, and as we just said, image quality and color accuracy isn’t the best when using a TN panel.

Do TN Panels Have Good Colors?

TN panels are notorious for having poor color accuracy. That’s not to say they look horrific – cause that would be false. But when comparing a TN panel’s color accuracy to an IPS (or VA), you are getting a considerably worse experience.

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