BenQ EW3270U 31.5″ 4K HDR Monitor Giveaway

We’ve got another fantastic giveaway for all of our valued readers, and this time we’re offering you the chance to win your very own BenQ EW3270U 31.5″ 4K HDR monitor.

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Capable of delivering incredibly sharp and detailed images, this monitor is an industry favorite for entertainment and gaming. Their exclusive B.I+ sensor automatically adjusts to the most optimal settings, giving you a comfortable viewing experience, no matter how long you use it for.

The giveaway is open internationally, and there are a number of ways to enter, which we’ve outlined below.

Good Luck!


BenQ EW3270U 31.5″ 4K HDR Monitor Giveaway

292 thoughts on “BenQ EW3270U 31.5″ 4K HDR Monitor Giveaway”



  2. Georgie Wright

    Kingdom Hearts III

  3. Julieh

    My favorite right now is Fortnite.

  4. Lily Kwan


  5. Jonathan Abreus

    Fortnite for the moment

  6. Luzy_Borgia

    Age of Wonders

  7. Kriss K

    Kingdom Hearts 3

  8. Laura Chapman

    Definitely Fortnite!

  9. Susan McFarlane

    Final Fantasy X!! remastered


    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  11. Philip Stone

    Telling Lies

  12. joanne casey

    Apex Legends


    gta grand theft autoo

  14. Peter Ck

    Apex Legends

  15. JulySky

    Trover Saves the Universe

  16. Naomi Williams


  17. janine atkin

    The Division 2

  18. Lisa Hall

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

  19. sarah Morris

    Call of duty

  20. Carl


  21. Libby Noack

    Red Dead Redemption 2

  22. Ellen Stafford


  23. sue norminton

    destiny 2

  24. Chirag Patel


  25. Rajendra Patel

    Need For Speed Heat no doubt 🙂

  26. Cara-Jane Hunter

    JUST DANCE 2019

  27. Christine Hobbs

    Fortnite without any doubt!

  28. Philip Boyle


  29. Nick C.

    Hollow Knight without a doubt.

  30. Faolan

    Borderlands 3

  31. Helen Sherpa

    Mortal Kombat 11

  32. Geoff Hibbert

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

  33. Chris King

    My favorite game, and oldie but had a DLC update this year, is Titan Quest.

  34. Joyce James

    My fave game of 2019 is Apex Legends!

  35. Paulraj M

    Resident Evil 2

  36. JenniCatts

    we’ve been playing a lot of fortnite this year!

  37. James Travis


  38. Sandra Jo Siddall

    My favourite game of 2019 has to be Fortnite

  39. Ryan

    Mario maker 2

  40. Robyn Bellefleur

    My favourite game in 2019 is Rainbow Six.

  41. Jorge


  42. Rena Bruner


  43. Jay

    Unfortunately I don’t have a favourite game of 2019. So far I’ve only been interested in a few classic mobile games. I have yet to experience real PC gaming and I hope I get to before it’s too late

  44. Adam Wynne

    I haven’t bought many games this year so far, but I’m absolutely LOVING F1 2019! First F1 I’ve played since 2016 and it’s a massive improvement! Would look ace on this monitor I’m sure 😉🤞🏻

  45. Toni P.

    I’ve been working my way through Pillars of Eternity and it’s sequel, so I can’t much comment on 2019 games. (Not a lot of top titles jump out at me this year.) I like the Age of Wonders series, though, so I’ll try Planetfall.

  46. Andy Fall

    Going to be Borderlands 3

  47. Dan To

    Honestly, replaying MGS V has been a great experience!

  48. Justin

    Destiny 2

  49. Simon

    Has to be Cyberpunk 2077 even though it hasn’t released just yet, but how amazing does it look, there haven’t been any good games released this year really

  50. Daniel

    Favourite game of the year by far is Apex legends.

  51. Ross


  52. Shes


  53. Alex

    Nhl 19

  54. Charlotte Cook

    My fave game so far this year has been Donut County

  55. Ed Coumbe

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be the best!

  56. Man Tat Chung

    Mine would be Apex Legends

  57. Alex Mosey

    My favorite game of 2019 is still Destiny 2:

  58. Samuel

    Metro Exodus for me..this game is so awesome

  59. Kerry Elsworth

    I like Mortal Kombat 11

  60. Tammy Neal


  61. J. STARR

    Favorite game of 2019 is Sekiro:Shadows die twice

  62. Natalie Turner

    Resident Evil 2

  63. Brett Cianfrani

    Apex legends

  64. Ryan

    Gotta go with Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 23.2

  65. RayD

    Black Desert Online (500+ hours)

  66. john prendergast

    red dead redemption 2

  67. Justin

    Breath of the Wild, definitely.

  68. Tom Bellamy


  69. Charles Card

    Smash Bros Ultimate

  70. Neal Dutta

    my favourite game is mario galaxy on the wii u

  71. Salty crew

    Favorite game is rocket league!

  72. Ted Leyva

    Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

  73. DeckardGraff


  74. OSN

    Star Trek Online

  75. Jon priest

    So far it’s Days Gone

  76. Alex

    Hitman 2

  77. Remi

    Current one would be rainbow six siege.

  78. Derek Wilson

    Rainbow Six Siege

  79. Bry

    Red Dead Redemption 2

  80. RayD

    Torchlight Frontiers

  81. Miguel S

    Can’t wait to play Gears 5

  82. Karen D


  83. Przemyslaw

    Metro Exodus

  84. Perro Verde

    Shadows Die Twice

  85. Francisco CR

    Thanks! My favorite game is Fortnite.

  86. Claire Woods

    Yoshi’s Crafted World

  87. Christopher McKendrick

    The Division 2

  88. Timothy Pedersen

    The Division 2

  89. david mccallum


  90. Robert K

    Favorite game of 2019 is Fortnite.

  91. TJ

    It’s a close thing between the RE2 Remake and Sekiro, but I think Resi just edges it

  92. Brenden Nemeth


  93. Hugh Jones


  94. Ted P

    Resident Evil 2

  95. Laura Corrall

    Borderlands 3

    • Crystal

      Devil May Cry 5

      • Jose

        Borderlands 3

  96. Jack White

    Battlefield 5!

  97. Alexey T.

    Fortnite my favourite

  98. Rob Hestar

    Days gone..It’s not perfect,but I had a ton of fun with it!…PC wise,I’ve been enjoying Ring of Elysium…The best BR on the market and it’s only on PC!

  99. Dritan Ikonomi

    Fortnite is the favorite game

    • Rebecca Lambert

      Husband and 3 sons have been rediscovering ‘Day of the Tentacle’!

  100. Mike K

    My favorite game of 2019 is Unravel Two.

  101. paula peterson

    I really like warframe. Thanks for the nice give away.

  102. Ian Bowen

    Most favourite game I’ve played/Discovered this year is Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, it was quite the experience.

  103. 2D

    Insurgency: Sandstorm

  104. Nena Sinclair

    So far, I would say Apex Legends

  105. Margaret GALLAGHER


  106. Robin Bullock

    Rainbow Six Siege

  107. InterfectorApis

    Been playing Mass Effect all year, so erm totally with the times!
    So not able to comment on best game of 2019 so far

  108. A7winner

    Rainbow 6 Siege

  109. Chloe Bailey

    The Devision 2!!!

  110. Durok27

    Rainbow Six

  111. Susan Smith

    League of Legends

  112. Hannah Wilding

    Borderlands 3

  113. Solo Han

    My favourite game so far is League of Legends

  114. James B.

    Mario Maker 2

  115. belinda porter

    kingdom of hearts 3 is fun to play

  116. Vlad Dronov

    Far Cry New Dawn!

  117. Daniel


  118. Matt J

    World War Z.

  119. JamesP

    Apex legends

  120. Doug McArthur

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

  121. Rich Tyler

    Red Dead 2

  122. Ruth Harwood


  123. Sharon Lou Johnson

    Call of Duty – Modern Warfare

  124. Jodie Green

    Borderlands 3

  125. Nageena Ahmed

    My favourite game of 2019 is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

  126. William C.

    NBA 2019

  127. Laura Pritchard


  128. Sara Zielinski

    Kingdom Hearts III

  129. Sandy Klocinski

    GTA IV

  130. Han Solo

    For me it Kingdom Hearts III.

  131. Catherine L.


  132. Dave

    No fav games for me in 2019

  133. Andrew

    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

  134. Richard Rowley


  135. Nigel Soper


  136. Mary An

    A Plague Tale: Innocence so far

  137. Jack Mackenzie

    Rimworld or RocketLeague

  138. Angela Treadway

    fortnite x

  139. Irfann Major RAZAFINDRATSARA

    League of Legends 🙂

  140. Manolo Sanchez

    Apex Legends

  141. Ross Hanney

    They are Billions!

  142. fiona waterworth


  143. Ihor Soliar

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  144. lara

    rainbow six

  145. Observation


  146. iain maciver

    Call of duty: Black Ops 4

  147. Angela Walton

    Sims 4

  148. rjwise


  149. Amy SIMPSON

    At the moment it’s call of duty,but i’m holding out for Borderlands 3

  150. Alice

    I really enjoyed Mortal Kombat 11! The developers did such a great job with the graphics, story and Kombat! By far my most played and favorite game!

  151. Noreen

    Observation is my favourite.

  152. JackyBoy

    Apex Legends for the surprise drop.

  153. Juan Manuel Lopez

    Metro Exodus.

  154. Beth Hern


  155. Lorna Webster

    None yet, but I’m sure it will be Borderlands 3 when it comes out! I love all the Borderlands games

  156. Alex Feng

    Ghost Recon Wildlands

  157. Kev

    Slay the Spire

  158. Bharat Venkatesh

    Total War – Three Kingdoms

  159. Darren Scrubb

    My choice is Total War: Three Kingdoms

  160. Darren Scrubb

    My choice is Rainbow Six

  161. Stuart Drummond


  162. Eduard

    METRO 2034

  163. Oliver

    Total War: Three Kingdoms

  164. Luke

    Yoshi’s Crafted World as it is a fun family game I can enjoy with the family

  165. whelen22

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite love anything to do with harry potter

  166. Cheryl

    Resident Evil 2 remake

  167. Ali

    Favourite game has to be Destiny 2, they’ve been making strides since leaving activision and Shadowkeep looks great

  168. Catherine Robichaud

    COD Modern Warfare

  169. Gitesh

    My favourite will be Doom Eternal
    It feels more closer to original Doom.
    I loved its gameplay.

  170. Heinz Lammerding

    World War Z all the way

  171. Horace


  172. Cynthia C

    FIFA 2019

  173. Erin Phillips

    Loving Division 2 at the moment, amazing gameplay and super fun game to play with hubby 🙂

  174. Matthew Van Dyk

    Forza Horizon 4

  175. jenny


  176. Thomas Gibson


  177. Westward

    Hopefully Borderlands 3

  178. Ivelisse W

    Fortnite is my favorite

  179. Michael Woods


  180. Jaff

    Apex Legends is the best!

  181. mike hoang

    resident evil 2 remake

  182. Doe John

    Apex Legends Rocks!

  183. Cuemilius

    Destiny 2, a good community in there, and some sweaty players too!

  184. Anthony S


  185. Lauren M. Minish

    Rainbow Six

  186. Darlene Carbajal


  187. Anne Higgins

    Apex Legends

  188. Nocturnaldanger

    Days Gone. What can beat zombies

  189. Muhammad Durrani


  190. Mark Barlow

    FIFA 19

  191. Beverley Cousins

    Apex Legends

  192. Calvin

    Rocket league

  193. Tony Platz

    Rage 2

  194. Phil Darling

    Rage 2 all the way guys

  195. jinxfire

    Call of duty: Black Ops 4

  196. Pauline Hill

    Apex Legends

  197. Wayne Roberts

    Heaven’s Vault

  198. Alex

    Wolfenstein: Youngblood

  199. Steve Weber

    My favorite game in 2019 is Rainbow Six

  200. mj rudy

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

  201. Jerkfaçe

    Summoners war

  202. Zack Boyles

    Apex legends all the way.

  203. Steve O

    Got to be Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

  204. Michael

    Gotta be Rage 2, for sure

  205. Solange


  206. Dean T

    What Remains Of Edith Finch

  207. DC.Waffles

    Any of the new “autochess” genre games ~ Underlords etc

    Innovation is a breath of fresh air

  208. TimBo

    I’m keen as for Fallen Order

  209. supaethan


  210. John Dean

    Love World of Warcraft

  211. Vasily Betin


  212. Raul


  213. Qboss

    Mortal Kombat 11

  214. Jonathan Bryden


  215. BlackAsphodel

    I’m looking forward to Death Stranding.

  216. Andre Mendes

    Is it worldwide? Where will the winner be announced?

    • Ben Johnson

      Yes worldwide, the winner will be announced on the 1st September 2019.

  217. Gary Chapman

    Resident Evil 2

  218. Roman D

    I like World of Warcraft

  219. Andrew Loades

    Sekiro is the best I’ve played this year

  220. Bob Clark

    F1 2019

  221. Richard Norris


    • Mari Carmen Linares


  222. S Choudhury

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  223. Matthew Griffiths

    Metro Eodus

  224. Eduard Alexyan

    Metro Exodus

  225. David Martín

    My favourite game of 2019 is Bloodstained

  226. Mari Sutherland

    Total War 3 Kingdoms

  227. keiran c


  228. zanety


  229. Warren Lee

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

  230. Marc H

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

  231. Christopher Michael


  232. Thomas L

    2019 Isn’t done yet and I know my favourite game will be Shenmue 3 providing it’s anything like the first two which it appears to be.

  233. J Mtz


  234. Juan Antonio Mojada


  235. glenn hutton

    Apex Legends

  236. David Esca


  237. MM

    Apex legends.

  238. Richard Smart

    Conan Exiles

  239. Fiona Boyd

    Two-point Hospital ?

  240. Edward Guerreiro

    Resident Evil 2

  241. Reginald S

    My sons favorite game by far is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice .

  242. Gavin Robertson

    Outer Wilds

  243. Mark Johnson


  244. Sarah Tulley

    COD modern warfare but i cant wait for FF7 remake!

  245. Jack McGuire

    Metro Exodus…when it works.

  246. Paul Wilson

    Dirt Rally 2.0

  247. Sarah Benson

    Path of Exile

  248. Ritchie Dee

    Apex Legends

  249. Dominique Constance

    Dirt Rally 2

  250. Kirsty Taylor

    Star Trek online

  251. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    My fave has been Apex Legends

  252. Gary


  253. Pedro C

    I’m enjoying to play Metro Exodus so… I will choose this one.

  254. matsuo


  255. Julius

    I’m going with the Witness. What a great puzzle game, next to Portal 1/2 my definite favourite

  256. Crash

    Katana Zero

  257. Simon

    My favourite is probably Apex Legends. Not that I am into these type of games very much, but there is something that is always getting me back to it. And also its a game where skill is really important.

  258. Ben W


  259. Peter

    Borderlands 3!

  260. Jeanne

    Call of Duty is my fav!

  261. Ivan L

    Devil May Cry 5

  262. Andreas Theodoulou

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  263. Benjamin Smith

    F1 2019

  264. debbie

    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled the family and the kids hubby and I have loved tis game right from the beginning 🙂

  265. Beau

    My favourite game has been Child of Light, finally got around to checking it out this year and it is great.

  266. Liam

    Metro exodus!

  267. Endre Kiraly

    The witcher 3 for me.

  268. Kevin

    It will probably be Borderlands 3.

  269. John Doe

    I think the best game so far has been Apex Legends

  270. alicia gordon

    my favorite so far is A Plague Tale: Innocence

  271. Larry Shrewsbury

    Rage 2

  272. kharmakop

    Star Trek Online

  273. Hitokage

    My favorite game of 2019 is God Eater 3

  274. Negus

    Slay the Spire!

  275. Pedro A

    Sekiro ftw

    • Janet Lindsey


  276. Neil N

    My favorite is Apex Legends!

  277. Erik Bjork

    I guess my favorite game would have to be warframe

  278. Brad D


  279. Anthony


    • Neil

      Destiny 2

  280. Cary G

    I don’t have a favourite. It’s been an unfortunately game free year. 🙁

    • Linda Perrin

      My grandkids would love to be able to play their fornite, roadblocks etc.. on this moniter.. cheers

  281. Alvin Xu

    My favorite game in 2019 is Rainbow Six

  282. Tom Johnson

    I think it is fortnite so far.

    • Skepz

      *fast forwards 2 months* BORDERLANDS 3!!!

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