Asus announces new ROG Falchion mini-gaming keyboard

Not to be left out when Razer announced their new mini-RGB gaming keyboard earlier this month, Asus has just announced a new 2.4 GHz wireless compact gaming keyboard, the ROG Falchion. Designed for gaming when on the go, this keyboard would perfectly compliment a gaming laptop for use on the go, especially since it comes with a keyboard cover case designed to protect it when it transit or not in use.

ROG Falchion 2

Despite the compact design, ROG has still managed to fit directional cursor keys plus navigation keys on this keyboard, unlike so other smaller keyboards. There’s no numpad, and no function keys across the top, but these are reasonable compromises for such a small keyboard, and it should still be up to the task of handling most game controls scenarios, plus light typing.

Key design

This keyboard uses Cherry MX RGB mechanical switches for tactile and responsive inputs, and loud clicking sounds with each press.

Generally, a smaller keyboard like this wouldn’t be a good choice for your primary keyboard, but if you need a spare that you can use in portable scenarios, this would be a great choice.

Perhaps to make up for some of the other missing keys, the ROG Falchion features a customizable interactive touch panel on the left-hand side of the board, to give you quick controls for user settings.

ROG rate the wireless performance of this keyboard as 1ms input lag over the stable 2.4 GHz RF connection, so it’s a solid choice for games requiring snappy inputs, or for high-level competitive gaming.

The battery is rated for 400 hours usage, although that’s with the RGB lights disabled, and Asus hasn’t shared how long to expect the battery to last with the RGB lights on.

ROG Falchion 3

There isn’t a release date confirmed for this keyboard yet, but it shouldn’t be too long before it’s made available. Check out our guide to full-sized gaming keyboards if you’re looking for something bigger.