Battlefront 2 Receives Empire Enhancing Mod

If you read our articles often (which you really should), you will know that I like to write about Star Wars, because I like to play Star Wars. That includes 2017’s Battlefront 2 – a game that released to a level of negativity that was unfamiliar, even to the likes of EA.

Still, three years on from its original launch, and Battlefront 2 is actually a great game – heaps of post-game content made it into a favorite amongst the fan base, with all kinds of different heroes, game modes, and maps being brought into the game after its first release.

That doesn’t include what the modding community has done to the game though.

We both know this. I’m writing the article, and your reading it, both of us knowing that the Venn diagram of ‘Star Wars fans’ and ‘PC gamers capable of creating high-quality mods’ overlaps in a pretty drastic way, and that once they were able to the modding community started to cram in all sorts of aftermarket content that only enhanced the way the game looks, the way it’s played, and (thanks to all of the expanded universe characters being added into the title) who you can play as.

With that in mind, think about all of the different customization options that the official dev team of Battlefront 2 added into the different clone wars factions. Cool weren’t they? You could personalize your different clone troopers to be part of different legions, giving their armor the same paintwork as the 501st Legion, or the 104th – you get the idea, and I’m sure you don’t need me to explain the significance of each and every faction of the Grand Army Of The Republic. Or you don’t want me to.

Either way, the point is that these customization options aren’t available in the Imperial Army, and that didn’t sit well with modder Norm, who has designed a complete visual overhaul of the Empire’s troops in Battlefront 2. Titled ‘The Galactic Empire Reimagined‘, the Stormtroopers sport armor that distinguishes one class from the next, with small touches to the armor that helps players identify the class of trooper they are stood next to – or fighting against.

Visual mods are not new to Battlefront 2 – there are all kinds of different mods on the internet designed to change the way the game looks, with features like different player models to character designs all being available in the usual places if that’s what you want to put into the game. Still, this overhaul of the Stormtroopers brings a great level of detail into the recognizable flagship troops of the empire.

It’s a welcome addition to the Battlefront 2 PC scene, especially considering that the developers of Battlefront 2 have now ended their official support for the title – meaning that any post-game content coming to the title now, will have to come in the form of unofficial mods. This isn’t a bad thing, as when support ended the game was in a great state – but with the work of people like modder Norm, I’m confident that Battlefront 2 will see a thriving player base for at least a few more years.