Bungie Announce Major Destiny 2 30th Anniversary event

Bungie has officially announced the Destiny 2 30th anniversary event on the Witch Queen showcase. The 30th anniversary will feature plenty of new content, both free and paid for fans of the game to enjoy this December.

This December, those who take part in the Destiny 2 30th anniversary can play a mix of free and paid content. The free version will feature a new six-player activity for your, your clan or friends to tackle. As you play through the event, you will come across secrets to discover, along with yet unannounced rewards.

There’s plenty of digital collector’s items that will make you stand out as a Bungie super fan. If you are open to paying for some content, you will access a three-player dungeon offering new cosmetics from Destiny 1. This pack also includes a new exotic weapon, an exotic ship and sparrow four emotes, two universal ornament sets for all your characters, and a unique helmet ornament. However, these are nothing to the real prize of the Destiny 2 30th-anniversary event is the returning Gjallarhorn.

Gjallarhorn returns for Destiny 2

The biggest prize of them all through is the Gjallarhorn, the most popular Exotic weapon from Destiny 1. The weapon is getting a glow-up for Destiny 2, making it relevant to the current game after its weapon 2.0 update. The weapon is only available through the new three-player dungeon, so you will need to buy the 30th-anniversary event if you want that well-renowned gun.

The idea behind Destiny 2 30th anniversary is to celebrate all things Bungie. Since Destiny has Bungie’s biggest franchise at the minute, with an active life span of seven years. There’s no better way to celebrate Destiny 2 and Destiny 1 by bringing back one of the most exotic weapons ever made.

The Witch Queen showcase revealed all things happy and wonderful at Bungie, along with a highlight reel of Bungie’s biggest historical games. Moreso, the announcement of the 30th anniversary also came with several announcements on the Witch King content, which you can read more about the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion here.

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