Deathloop Stuttering Issues Fix Is On The Way – Says Arkane

Arkane promise it is working on fixing the Deathloop stuttering issues.

Deathloop Stuttering Issues
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Deathloop has just launched, gaining some incredible praises for being yet another beast of an Arkane game. While the game is great, with many on PlayStation having a blast, beating the game already, the PC player base is not having as great of a time. Deathloop’s Steam player base is currently review bombing Deathloop, with many complaining about Deathloop stuttering and Deathloop performance issues.

The good news is that Arkane is hearing the PC player base loud and clear, and the developer has stated they are actively working on addressing the Deathloop stuttering issues and performance issues.

During a random post about amazing looking burgers, the Deathloop Community Manager responded to the post on Reddit, saying the devs are working on patching the Dethloop Stuttering and Deeathloop Performance Issues. If you’re interested, you can find the response here.

Deathloop Stuttering Issues – How to Fix

One of Deathloops most common issues is stuttering. The game will run well for parts and then continuously stutter. Of course, this isn’t good for those who do experience it. Part of the game is about following a death loop (go figure), where enemy players or the AI will eventually come to kill you. If you get to this point and your game is stuttering, it is a sure-fire way to confirm your death loop is imminent.

While many are dumping on the game, it appears that some players have found a few solutions to making the stuttering issues easier. Some players are reporting that these temporary Deathloop stuttering issues bandaids are making stuttering much easier to manage:

  • Nvidia Reflex – On
  • Low Latency – On
  • V-Sync – Off, both in-game and in your Nvidia control panel if you fancy getting technical.
  • Upscaling – AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0
  • AMD FSR Mode – Ultra Quality
  • FPS Limiter – 120 – you can lower if you want to prevent your GPU and CPU from melting


It is worth mentioning that the issue only appears to be an optimization issue with some higher-end computers. Users running Nvidia 2080’s and the 3*** series seem to be the ones having the most trouble. The worst part is that the Deathloop system requirements suggest the minimum specs is an Nvidia 1060, meaning the game is a bit of a beast to run anyway. It does seem that it is generally an optimization and that higher-end cards are struggling the most.

Some players seem to think it is the game’s anti-piracy, Denuvo, as it was an issue back in Dishonored 2 – but that is not verifiable just yet. Others think it is an optimization issue, or it’s a memory write issue. The fact of the matter is we don’t exactly know what is causing the Deathloop stuttering issues, but we do know that Arkane is actively fixing it as we speak.