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Demons Souls for PC – GeForce Now Leak

Close examination of GeForce Now program files reveal a port of Demon’s Souls for PC

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demons souls Geforce Now Leak

Longtime fans of From Software will be happy to hear that due to a GeForce Now leak, there’s a good chance of the game that kicked it all off coming to PC, Demons’ Souls.

Demon’s Souls was entirely remade for the launch of PS5 in late 2020 and was released to popular and critical acclaim. Courtesy of a clever instance of codebase reverse engineering by Ighor July we now have some very promising proof that PC may soon see its very own remake of the Iconic Demon’s Souls. He goes into a significant level of detail as he explained how he managed to find all this information out here 

GeForce Now leak reveals Demon’s Souls on PC Plus loads more!

This seems like a pretty solid leak, the considerable amount of detail found by July means that a PC port of Demon’s Souls seems very likely. Which is a nice surprise considering the original announcement of the PS5 remaster accidentally included an “Also Available on PC” message at the end. Sony was quick to backpedal, claiming that the inclusion of this statement was a mistake.

Given this GeForce Now leak, it seems that the original accidental announcement has now been verified as factual, just released too early. This will please many FromSoftware fans as they were very disappointed by Sony’s statement that Demon’s Souls wasn’t coming to PC after all.

This news is a surprise to all of us, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more, but for now we can say with relative confidence that Demon’s Souls is coming to PC

The leak also revealed a great many other games that seem likely to receive PC ports, we’ve written an article with the full list here

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