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How to fix Back 4 Blood Matchmaking Pool / TRS not working errors

Zombies are not the only issue in Back 4 Blood

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Back 4 Blood popularity has exploded in popularity ever since it launched in Beta. With so many players all giving the game a go, it is only natural for them to run into some form of bug or error. Two of the most common issues players are encountering are the Matchmaking Pool and/or TRS not working issues. If you encounter either of these issues then you can find solutions on how to fix them below.

Back 4 Blood Matchmaking Pool Error

Have you encountered the bug where you sit in a matchmaking queue for 10 or so seconds, only to get the matchmaking error? Well, it is surprisingly common. The Back 4 Blood matchmaking pool error is related to having a game and server mismatch. It may sound complicated, but it is a fairly simple to fix. It is only a Steam error due to Steam’s inbuilt build functionality. All it means is that it is easy to have different versions of the game.

One of the ways to fix it is to verify the integrity of your game. Head over to Back 4 Blood in your Steam library and right-click it. A menu will pop up with a property option that you will want to click. Pressing on the property button opens a new window will open up. Head over to Local Files and find the Verify integrity of game files. Steam will then begin reading the files in your install folder and compare them to the live build. If it finds your installation is missing a file(s), it will automatically download them, thus correcting your issues.

If the Verify method doesn’t work, you’ll have to check if you are running an old build. If you played on the previous alpha and closed beta tests, you will need to make sure you are playing the current version of the game. Check to see if your Back 4 Blood is running a Sneak Peak build. If you are, then you’ll need to download the most recent active version of the game.

TRS Not Working error

The TRS error stands for Turtle Rock Studios not working. In case you haven’t noticed, but Turtle Rock Studios is the development studio behind Back 4 Blood. If you get the TRS error, it simply means the developers and or the servers are having a moment. It means that the servers are under heavy load at the minute, and you’ll need to come back later.

The issue can be caused by several issues, such as an overwhelming number of players all trying to log in simultaneously, server outages or even DDOS attacks. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about this until the devs, and their network engineers manage to fix whatever issue is plaguing their network.

If you’re finding that waiting is not fixing your issues you may have network problems on your end. If that is the case, we have a Back 4 Blood troubleshooting guide that can help with your currently undiagnosed issues.

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