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Friday Freebie 14th August: Remnant: From the Ashes & The Alto Collection

The latest free games available this weekend.

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We’ve got another selection of games available this weekend completely for free, grab these two games today and they’re yours to keep. As with all the games we feature on Friday Freebie, you don’t need to fork out any cash to play these games. Here’s this week’s featured giveaways:

It would be fairly reductive to describe this as being Dark Souls with guns, but it wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate either. Remnant: From the Ashes is set in a post-apocalyptic world, overrun with nightmarish creatures from another dimension. It can be played either solo or with two partners, and has you exploring dynamically generated locations, as you fight to upgrade your character, and survive.

I don’t think any of the wave of games that have been somewhat inspired by Dark Souls have been able to match it for gruesome creature designs, but Remnant: From the Ashes gets closer than most.

Certainly worth a look given it’s completely free, and it shouldn’t be too hard to recruit co-op partners with this low barrier for entry.

This a collection of a pair of previously mobile-only games, Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey, making their debut on PC as a giveaway on the Epic Game Store.

I’ve played and loved both mobile versions of the Alto games already, and these are lovely relaxing games about going from left to right on either a snowboard or sandboard across beautifully crafted 2D scenery. It’s got a lovely minimalist visual style and an immersive ambient soundtrack, and it’s just a pleasant game to spend your time with.

Under the surface, it’s also a well-constructed arcade game, with a robust combo system, and some nuanced mechanics. There’s a variety of challenges to unlock new characters, and it’s surprisingly engaging to push for higher and higher scores.

It’s perhaps not a game that lends itself to extended play sessions, it’s mobile roots mean it’s been designed to be a pick-up and play experience, but it will look beautiful on a large high-resolution gaming monitor and sound great connected to a decent set of speakers. Other than wanting it to look and sound as good as possible, this is not a demanding game at all, achieving it’s attractive look with thoughtful artistic direction rather than demanding a high-end gaming rig.

Both of these games are available for free until next Thursday, August 20th, and yours to keep as long as you get them before then.

Another batch of free games are now available, get the details of the latest gaming giveaways on our weekly Friday Freebie column.


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