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Friday Freebie September 18th: Football Manager 2020 & Watch Dogs 2

Some massive games available for free this weekend

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You never know which games are going to crop up as giveaways on any given week, but sometimes we are pleasantly surprised with some particularly huge games. This is one of those weeks, where the extremely well received second Watch Dogs game is available for absolutely free, along with this year’s entry in the long running Soccer management game, Football Manager 2020.

This is a beloved game by fans of the beautiful game. I know plenty of people for whom this is literally the only game that they play. Rather than simulating just the game on the pitch, this is primarily focussed on the behind the scenes running of the game, where you take on the role of a team manager, building up your squad of players, making decisions like whether to extend your stadium, how much to charge for tickets, and all the other intricate decisions involved in running a Football club. This is a perfect time to dip in if you’re curious about this type of game, but not enough to pay for it up front.

One thing to bear in mind with the Epic Game Store version of this game is that there’s no access to the Steam Workshop on this version, meaning you’ll be missing out on some of the easy access to mods. Our resident Football Manager expert Eliott explains what you’re missing out on here:

“The workshop on steam offers an abundance of fan made content that enhances the game. There’s the 03/04 database edit, that brings one of the classic Premier League seasons with legends like Beckham, Zidane and Ronaldinho into the modern engine, and is a great nostalgia trip for any old Championship Manager players.”

Still, for completely free, it’s hard to complain too much.

The second entry in Ubisoft’s Open World Hack ‘Em Up series. This is a great time to jump in, with the third game, Watch Dogs: Legion, coming out at the end of next month. You’d have plenty of time to play this before jumping into the third one.

This second entry in the Watch Dogs series takes place in San Francisco, and is a bit more playful than the first game, which took itself far too seriously. You can take control of all sorts of electrical equipment across the city, whether that’s CCTV cameras, vehicles, construction equipment, and more.

If you fancy getting the upcoming third entry for free too, they are going to be giving away free copies of Watch Dogs Legion with select Nvidia 30 Series GPUs, that’s if you can find stock for them anywhere.


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