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How big is the new gta 5 update?

The latest major update to GTA 5 is launching today, just how big is it?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022 12:28 pm
how big is the gta 5 update

Update: various sources including multiple Twitter profiles have begun to post tweets regarding the size of the new GTA 5 update. This includes the PS5 update being 5GB, PS4 update being 2.878GB and the Xbox update being 5.7GB.

Today is the day everyone has been waiting for, after several delays the new GTA 5 summer update is here, but just how big is the new GTA 5 update. This is the first major update since ‘The Contract’ back in December 2021.

From our sources, we can say that the new GTA 5 update is the following sizes:

Summer Update 2022 – Xbox File Size: 12GB

There are reports that old gen Xbox will be 12GB but the new gen Xbox will be 2.7GB.

gta 5 update 12gb xbox
Xbox File Size

Summer Update 2022 – PC File Size: 2.83GB (RGL / 1.21GB (Steam) / 2.55GB (EPIC)

gta 5 update pc size

Summer Update 2022 – PS4 File Size: 2.87GB

gta 5 how big is the update
GTA 5 Update – PS4 File Size

Summer Update 2022 – PS5 File Size: 5.7GB

ps5 gta 5 file size update

We expect the latest GTA 5 update ‘The Criminal Enterprises’ to be released around 10 am until then we can only predict what the file size will be for the latest update. However, based on previous major releases such as ‘The Contract’ we can expect similar file sizes to the below.

  • The Contract – Xbox File Size: 4.15GB
  • The Contract – PC File Size: 5.1GB
  • The Contract – PS4/PS5 File Size: 3.99GB

We will report back once the DLC goes live and update the information above.

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