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Is Cal Kestis in Jedi Survivor

Updated: Apr 25, 2023 10:55 pm
Is Cal Kestis in Jedi Survivor

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If you ask anyone who liked Jedi: Fallen Order what the best thing about it was, chances are most of them will mention the protagonist, Cal Kestis. Because of this, many players have been wondering whether our favorite Jedi will be making a return in Jedi: Survivor, or if he’ll be replaced by someone else.

If you’re one such player pondering over this question, then you’ve come to the right place because we’re about to answer it right now.

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We’re sure most of you will be glad to know that Cal Kestis is making his much awaited return in Jedi Survivor as the playable character for the game once again. Of course, he won’t be the same as the last time we saw him.

In addition to the facial hair he’s rocking now, we can expect to see a bunch of other changes to Cal too. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor really upgrades the character.

For starters, he won’t be a padawan anymore. Instead, because of the multiple years he spent fighting the Empire and honing his skills as a Jedi, we can expect Cal to be much more confident in his abilities.

The Padawan has now become a full-fledged Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and we’re all here for it. New skills, new abilities, and maybe new ways to traverse the environment too.

Additionally, you can also expect to see him mature as a character as well. While he was rather indecisive at times in Fallen Order and frequently let his emotions get the better of him, we probably won’t be seeing that as much in Jedi: Survivor.

Not only is this because of him being a seasoned warrior now but also because he’ll be around 23 years of age at the start of Jedi: Survivor whereas he was around 17 in Fallen Order.

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