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Will there be a Nintendo Switch 2? Everything we know about Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch 2? Not sure. Nintendo Switch Pro? Maybe.

Updated: Jan 19, 2023 11:33 am
will there be a nintendo switch 2

Whilst word on a new Switch console has nearly all but dried up, rumours are circulating about the potential for an extensive upgrade for the Switch. What’s new? Rumours about a new Switch console have been doing the rounds since the release of the Switch. Well, leaks suggest that there might be more on this than we expect. So, will there be a Nintendo Switch 2?

We cannot confidently confirm the existence of the new Switch console, or the Nintendo Switch Pro, as it has now been commonly referred to as.

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Nintendo Switch Pro leak

So, the idea of a Nintendo Switch 2 might be slightly wishful thinking. With the prices of Switch games, fans will probably would something with backwards compatibility. So, with nothing heard about the Switch 2 recently, the idea of a completely new system is slightly unattractive to some, in addition.

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However, there are flutters of an upgraded and beefed up Switch called the Switch Pro. Again, we’d like to responsibly stress that the existence of the Nintendo Switch Pro, or even the validity of these rumours is up for debate. But, what we’ve got so far is certainly worth having a look at.

Around September of 2022, an Nvidia employee posted to r/GamingLeaksAndRumours supposedly confirming what kind of chip that will allegedly power the device. The chip in question, being the Tegra239 SoC (system on chip) — complete with an 8-core CPU. 

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Even if all this ends up being way off the mark, though, we still feel there could be an upgraded take of the Nintendo Switch on the cards. The current hardware isn’t the most modern, and some games are becoming more demanding.

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Having been released in 2017, the Nintendo Switch was definitely one of the later ‘last-gen’ consoles to be brought out. When compared to the PS4 and Xbox One’s release in 2013, the Switch is at a tricky moment in time, both profiting on last-gen success, whilst also being a formative new view of what consoles can look like, with its hybridity in form.

Whilst we’ve had updates such as the OLED variation, as well as the Nintendo Switch Lite, these cannot compare to the drive of console cycles. By this we mean that if you were to look at other console brands, you will see that the Switch is long overdue an update to its hardware. Resolution and portability are trivial when compared with things like processing power.

Looking at current-gen consoles, they will happily run at 120fps, whilst the Nintendo Switch will often falter at 30fps. One reply to the r/GamingLeaksAndRumours aforementioned thread says that “the CPU would be 6x as powerful as the current one” and in turn, this would put the Switch Pro’s chip at around the same processing power as a PS4.

Whilst we can’t be sure of anything, the Switch is indeed 5 years old, and struggles to run Xbox and PS4 designed games. Perhaps, going off this alone, one might assume that the Switch is due an upgrade at the very least in the near future.

Plus, with new games that promise vast expansive maps and boast impressive graphics like Tears of the Kingdom, surely something new must be on the cards. Whilst fans wouldn’t mind a Switch Pro, we think a Switch 2 might put Nintendo in better stead for the future.

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Whilst there’s some amazing games still being released to the Nintendo Switch, we cannot be certain for how much longer it will be the latest Nintendo console. Everything in our hearts is telling us that something new, or even an upgrade is coming soon, so if you can weather the storm, it might be more worthwhile to wait.

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