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Nintendo Switch accessories guide

Looking to spice up your Switch? These Nintendo Switch accessories might be what you're looking for

Updated: May 5, 2022 1:17 pm
Nintendo Switch accessories guide

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The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic little console, with some of the best first-party exclusives out there like Breath of the Wild, Mariokart, and Smash bros. The release of the OLED variant of the switch has only helped cement its reputation as a great console, however, it could be better.

That’s where accessories come into it, as a few additional choice purchases can help you get the best out of your Switch. There is, however, a lot of snake oil out there that you need to be wary of, so take a seat as we go through the best Nintendo Switch accessories.

Nintendo Switch headset

Surprising absolutely no one, the headset is at the top of the list when it comes to what Nintendo Switch accessories you should be considering. It allows for spatial audio and improved sound quality, especially when compared to the built-in speakers. There are a few things to consider here, otherwise, it would be far too simple.

First up is the Nintendo Switch’s weird limitations when it comes to Bluetooth audio, At the time of writing, you can use Bluetooth headsets to listen to game audio, but the Nintendo Switch doesn’t support Bluetooth mics. Hopefully, this changes soon as it will vastly increase the number of Nintendo Switch headset options for you to choose from.

Astro A10 Gaming Headset

Astro A10



Frequency range

20 Hz – 20 kHz






40 mm, with Neodymium magnets

Our pick is the Zelda-inspired Astro A10. It might not be wireless, but it benefits from Astro’s reputation and pedigree for making quality headsets. Additionally, we really like the two-toned gold and black design and it’s really, really comfortable. If you’re curious, read our full Astro A10 gaming headset review as we go into far more detail over there. Also, if you don’t dig the Zelda design, the A10 is available in a range of similarly two-toned colorways.

Nintendo Switch Controller

Of course, it had to be the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. We are still mad that it doesn’t come with the console itself as it’s a fantastic controller and we consider it essential if you frequently use your Switch in docked mode. The joy-cons are good, but if you really want to enjoy some couch gaming, you can’t get better than the Pro Controller. It’s not quite as good as the Xbox Series X controller, which still tops the controller charts, but for Nintendo Switch, it’s the best option by a considerable margin.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

pro controller




Bluetooth, Near-Field Communication, USB Type-C

Battery life

Up to 40 hours

Motion controls

Yes, via built-in accelerometer and gyroscope

Screen protector

For those of you who frequently play the switch in handheld mode, a screen protector is an excellent investment as it functionally gives you a second chance if you drop the poor thing. Most of these are easy to apply and trust us, you’ll regret not spending the small amount of money on one when you inevitably and inadvertently launch your switch down the stairs.

This is an especially good purchase if you have the OLED switch as it’s a far more expensive screen to fix, and the console itself is more expensive too, so you should be putting in the effort to protect it to preserve gaming enjoyment for years to come. It’s worth noting here that no matter how good the screen protector is, it won’t protect the Switch from a dip in the bath. Looking at you, Danielle.

ivoler screen protector for Nintendo Switch (3-pack)

ivoler prot


1.97 x 1.97 x 1.97-inches



We like the 3-pack from ivoler, mostly because it comes with three screen protectors, and also because it’s anti-scratch glass, so you won’t have to reapply fresh ones nearly as often Additionally, it’s very cheap and is frequently on sale so you can get them for less than $10 very frequently.

Carrying case

In a similar vein to the screen protector, this is very good for handheld mode, as just letting the Nintendo Switch bounce around unprotected in a rucksack is a disaster waiting to happen. Most carrying cases can be found for less than $30 and are a great way to protect the functionality of the Switch and preserve its vivid color scheme

Daydayup Switch carrying case


Game card capacity



Plastic, nylon


21oz (with Nintendo Switch)

The Daydayup case is our pick as it packs a ridiculous amount of storage into a footprint not much larger than the Switch itself. It can store 20 game cards, the Switch, and a large amount of related Nintendo Switch accessories too. Additionally, the game card holders function as additional padding which helps protect the Switch’s fragile screen.

Steering wheels

Do you have fond memories of the Nintendo Wii? Specifically, you plus three buddies crammed side-by-side in a sofa that only realistically fits two? Then frantically spinning the Wii steering wheels like a rally driver as you compete for victory on Rainbow road waiting for your mum to deliver cans of Coke? We remember that too. Luckily for you, dear reader, as you probably already know the joy-cons are equipped with gyroscopes to facilitate just that, now you just need an injection-molded plastic wheel to complete the experience.

HORI Nintendo Switch Officially Licensed wheel

hori wheel



Outer diameter


Inner diameter


Of course, the main issue with the joy-cons is that they aren’t exactly the most ergonomic of controllers, with the sharp edges proving particularly irritating and the tiny shoulder buttons requiring a contortionist grip to reliably be pressed. This is where the Hori Nintendo Switch wheel comes in.

It provides the nostalgic wheel shape we all crave, and uses a sort of button pass-through system that make the shoulder buttons far easier and more enjoyable to use. Additionally, it’s officially licensed by Nintendo and so obviously there are Mario and Luigi variants available to match your preferred Italian plumber.

Nintendo Switch accessories: Final verdict

OK, folks, of course, none of these are essential for enjoying your switch as the switch is one of the most comprehensive console packages out there. However, we do fully recommend all of the above for a more complete experience. The exception is the Pro Controller, everyone in the office who owns a switch also has one of these as they really are unmatched for couch play. The included plastic frame that turns the separate joy-cons into a singular controller is novel and we appreciate its inclusion in the box, but there is no substitute for a proper controller.

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