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How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV

Here's how to connect your Switch to the Television, for some laid-back, big-screen gaming

Updated: Mar 30, 2022 2:01 pm
How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV

Since its release in 2017, we have had three iterations of the Switch, with the third and latest being the Nintendo Switch OLED. The portable nature of the Nintendo Switch is one of the console’s finest attributes. The device works seamlessly between dock mode and Handheld mode but still many ask how to connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV

Well, it is as simple as connecting the Switch up to its dock but let’s run through this step by step and also discuss what to do if you have no Dock.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV using the dock

Nintendo has an official customer support page detailing exactly how to connect your Switch or Switch OLED to the TV but it is literally just a couple of steps.

To connect, first, open the back cover of your Nintendo Switch dock and connect the USB cable from the Nintendo Switch AC adapter to the top terminal of the dock labeled ‘AC ADAPTER’.

Next, connect your HDMI cable to the same dock, labeled ‘HDMI OUT’.

Now, close your dock and remove the left and right Joy-Con controllers from the console. Remember, if the Joy-Con controllers were not already attached to the console, they need to be. This is because they need to be registered to the console first in order to work as wireless controllers.

Finally, insert the console into the dock making sure the screen faces in the same direction as the front panel on the dock. You will notice the screen will shut off when docked. Now switch your TV on, select the correct output, and play.

Can you connect the Nintendo Switch to the TV wirelessly?

No, it is not possible to connect your Nintendo Switch to the TV wirelessly, however, it is not completely out of the realms of possibilities for the future. 

Can you connect the Nintendo Switch to the TV without a dock?

Yes, but it is generally advised against using adapters. If your dock is ever damaged or you are away from home, all you would need is an HDMI to USB-C port converter. You would then connect to the relevant ends of the TV and Nintendo Switch and play like normal. The overall experience isn’t affected when using this configuration and offers another simple solution, with an additional cost.

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