Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Update Adds Support For Wireless Headphones

The Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Update is finally here.

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Since the Nintendo Switch first released back in 2017, one of the most asked for console features has been Bluetooth headphone and microphone support — and now, 4 and a half years later, we’re finally … half-way there! Hooray?

In the latest Nintendo Switch OS software update, support for Bluetooth headphones and wireless speakers has been added. It was rather unceremoniously announced on Nintendo America’s Twitter account, and comes with the additional stipulation that using wireless headphones or speakers will reduce the amount of usable wireless controllers that the console can pair with to only two.

Also, there is still no Bluetooth microphone support from the console manufacturer whatsoever, so if you want to use wireless headset microphones to chat on games like Fortnite, Smite or Paladins, then you’ll still need to make the additional purchase of third party adapter hardware like a universal Bluetooth audio transmitter dongle.


Nintendo Switch bluetooth slider

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How to sync Bluetooth Headphones with Nintendo Switch

To use Bluetooth headphones with a Nintendo Switch, you need to go into the System Settings menu and then find “Bluetooth Audio”, which is below “Controllers and Sensors” and above “TV Settings”.

One in the Bluetooth Audio menu, you’ll want to click “Add Device” or “Pair Device” depending on which is displayed in your region. While the system is searching for new devices, click the pair button on your speaker device.

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Our thoughts on the Bluetooth Update for Nintendo Switch

It’s nice to finally have support for non-proprietary Bluetooth headphones on the Nintendo Switch, which is something we know that other console manufacturers also struggle with offering. We would really appreciate it if they’d also support the wireless microphones, even if that meant the console dropped the controller count down to just the one.

We’re still not big fans of using the Nintendo Switch Online app for voice chat, although we’re aware that the design choices behind it are likely done to protect children. It would be nice if Nintendo could offer both options, which would then let parents protect their kids while adult fans can also enjoy some of the basic functionality they expect out of a sometimes-mobile device in 2021.


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