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Stellaris Clone Army Origin Guide

Here is what the Stellaris Clone Army Origin is all about.

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The long-awaited clone army feature has finally arrived in Stellaris. The new Stellaris Clone Army Origin is a new custom original you can set for your Empire as you become the first Galactic Empire. The long-awaited feature was added on September 14 with the new LEM update. Here is what you need to know about the Stellaris Clone Army Origin.

Disclaimer: I hope you enjoy prequel memes.

How To Get The Stellaris Clone Army Origin

The Stellaris Clone Army Origin is a new Origin available in the empire customization. However, the Clone Army Origin is only available to those who own the Humanoid Species Pack. The Humanoid Species pack received the new Clone Army Origin and two new civic traits – Master Artificers and Decedent Hedonists. The best bit is the DLC has not changed in price, so if you were hesitant about buying it, now is your chance to grab even more value from it. See, the Trade Federation isn’t that bad, sometimes.

Stellaris Clone Army Origin

Homeworld Empire
Start with two Ancient Clone Vat buildings. Can construct up to 5 Ancient Clone Vat buildings.
After 3-5 years, the Homeworld Excavation archaeological site appears. Admirals have the Clone Army Admiral trait.
Excavating the archaeological site starts the Genetic Crossroads event chain. Start with the Cloning technology researched.
Start with the Gene Banks technology researched.
Losing Ancient Clone Vat buildings creates Pop Decline Speed.
Main Species gains the Clone Soldier Trait.

When you create your empire, you can opt-in for the Clone Army origin. The only requirement is you need the trait Gestalt Consciousness if you want to use the Clone Army origin. You’ll also need the Humanoid Species Pack, just a reminder.

Stellaris Clone Soldier Trait

The Stellaris Clone Soldier is a massive change to the game. The Clone Soldier trait greatly enhances the combat efficiency and general efficiency of the population, at the cost of naturally reproducing. Taking the Stellaris Clone Army Origin means you’ll need to rely solely on your cloning vats to keep your Empire alive. Here is what the Clone Soldier trait does:

  • Governing Ethics Attraction +50%
  • Army Damage +50%
  • Leader Lifespan -40 years
  • Admirals gain the Clone Army Admiral trait
  • Cannot be genetically modified
  • Cannot reproduce naturally


Producing these units have some major strengths and some major weaknesses. However, there is a mini-game that you can play, such as the Genetic Crossroads event that will see your population become greatly enhanced.

Stellaris Genetic Crossroads Event

The Genetic Crossroads event is a quest chain that kicks off when you successfully excavate the Archaeological site. The quest takes you through many steps, where your population will eventually get stronger and stronger.

Your Clone Armies will get new traits such as Clone Ascendant and Descendant. However, the traits can cause your vats to die out. It is a mini-game to make sure you complete the quest before your clones naturally die off. The payoff is that your clones will be able to reproduce at the end of the quest chain. You can see the Clone Army Traits here, as well as a depth look at the Genetic Crossroads event here.

You likely need to reproduce or conquer other empires and add fine additions to your collection if you want to expand and grow your pops. The empire can only hold 100 pops throughout the empire until they conquer other races or finish the questline. However, completing the quest chain can result in your clones being able to reproduce naturally. Being able to reproduce is massive for the Stellaris Clone Army Origin playstyle.  This gives you several different playstyles with the Clone Army, which makes for varying playthroughs.

This concludes our Stellaris Clone Army Origin guide. We hope you enjoyed the guide and now know what the Stellaris Clone Army Origin is all about (and our terrible puns). Let us know how your save went in the comments below!

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