Stellaris LEM Patch Notes 3.1

We delve deeper in the Stellaris LEM Patch Notes.

Stellaris LEM Patch Notes

Stellaris has a brand new update, available for free to all players. The new Stellaris LEM 3.1 Patch Notes has added new content, such as the Clone Army, along with general fixes to the game and major AI, UI, Modding and balance changes.

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Stellaris LEM Patch Notes 3.1

The new Stellaris LEM 3.1 update includes a few big changes, including species packs for your custom empire creation, along with the new Clone Army Origin. The content is named after Stanislaw Lem, a sci-fi writer who was born 100 years ago.

If you would rather watch a video explaining all the content in the Stellaris LEM Patch, check out this Paradox video below. If not, you can read the Stellaris LEM Patch Notes below the video.

Stellaris LEM Patch Notes – Free Features


  • Idyllic Bloom civic added. Can be used for Plantoids and Fungoids and gives the ability to transform ideal worlds into Gaia worlds.
  • Added Phototrophic, Radiotrophic and Budding species traits for Plantoid and Fungoid species.
  • Added Catalytic Processing civics for all government types.
  • Maweer Caretakers pre-scripted empire now uses Idyllic Bloom civic in place of Inward Perfection.
  • Owning the Plantoids Species Pack adds the Phototrophic trait to the Nu-Baol.
  • Owning the Plantoids Species Pack adds the Radiotrophic trait to the Nivlac.


  • Added Masterful Crafters Civic.
  • Added Pleasure Seekers Civic.
  • Added Clone Army Origin.

Synthetic Dawn

  • Rogue Servitors can now take the Arcology Project Ascension Perk and restore Relic Worlds to Ecumenopolises.
  • Ecumenopolises owned by Rogue Servitors have Sanctuary Arcologies, capable of housing Bio-Trophies.


  • Added a new ‘Unyielding’ tradition tree.


  • Subversive Cults no longer have access to the Temple of Prosperity, instead gaining the Subversive Shrine.

Ancient Relics

  • Added three new archaeology sites for Ancient Relics.


  • Extended the Rock Brain anomaly event chain for certain Lithoid empires.


  • Reanimated Armies Civic has been renamed to Reanimators and their empires can now reanimate Biological Leviathans, among other things.
  • Enabled Necrophage origin for Hive Minds.


  • Added a new ‘Subterfuge’ tradition tree.

Selectable Traditions

  • Reworked the Traditions interface to make Tradition Trees selectable. Allowing Empires to have access to more than 7 different trees (Empires are still limited to only having 7 active trees).
  • Adaptability, Synchronicity and Versatility traditions are now their own tradition trees, rather than being tradition swaps.
  • Diplomacy and Adaptability are now both available to almost everyone and are no longer mutually exclusive.
  • Added a new ‘Mercantile’ tradition tree to the base game.


  • Updated the star system layout of Alpha Centauri to be more scientifically accurate.
  • Updated the visuals of the Sea of Consciousness star system.
  • You can now queue construction of starbase buildings that require certain modules before those modules have completed construction (such as the Offworld Trading Company).
  • Void Dweller empires with species that eat food now start with a 100 food stockpile instead of none.
  • Added two new archaeology sites to the base game.


The balance update is absolutely massive, with near enough every aspect of the game getting hit. We advise taking a look at the balance changes yourself so you can play your next strategy accordingly.

Performance and Stability

  • Added a sanity check to prevent a possible crash when closing the game during gameplay.
  • Extend the timeout for client to respond to the startgame message so they wouldn’t be kicked out the session by the host.
  • Fixed an Out of Sync error on hotjoin.
  • Significantly reduced the freeze caused by spawning the L-Gate.
  • Slightly reduced the performance burden of the auto-migration system.


  • Changed humming ambient sound in main menu to “Ambient” category and volume.
  • Added indications in the UI (purge tooltip in species rights and planet view) as to how likely pops are to escape your current purge type, so long as the chance is not 0% or 100%.
  • There is no longer a “Close” button on diplomatic events, so you can no longer accidentally close important decisions by hitting “Esc” to e.g. save.
  • In the pop selection within the planet interface, you can now see how much of their output comes from buildings such as Mineral Processing Centers (which increase mineral output by lump sums), as well as how much of their upkeep is from edicts.
  • Various job modifiers have been improved to indicate Gestalt alternatives and similar variations.
  • The left-hand navigation bar will remain in a collapsed state when the mouse is left hovering, after making a menu choice.
  • Fixed so it’s possible to click the lock icon when leftbar/navbar is in expanded state.
  • Switched the presentation order of Alloys and Consumer Goods in various UI contexts to match the order in the top bar.
  • Added clearer information on when you will next be able to use certain espionage operations in tooltips.
  • Added information on when the next Necrophage Elevation Ceremony will be on their elevation buildings’ tooltips.
  • Corrected several errors in the tooltips for setting or unsetting a forced assembly species (specifically in the amount of assembly progress you will lose).
  • Fixed UI for Operation Sabotage Starbase.
  • The game will now tell you that the game is ready to start in the hotjoining interface (where previously there would be no message after “synchronizing game”).
  • Food from deposits should now be possible to see on the map.
  • Added Hyperlane Opacity slider, defaulting to 0.3.
  • Clone Vats building is now sorted under Pop Assembly in the Construct Building list.
  • Tweaked colors of Restricted systems names to be slightly more readable.


  • The AI will now cancel espionage operations for which it lacks the available spy power / infiltration level.
  • AI can now build 4-6 construction & science ships depending on how well it is doing financially, meaning some empires will expand and have their mining stations quicker than others.
  • The AI should now upgrade its fleets during peacetime.
  • AI now waits 15 years to fully take over the player.
  • Improve AI human takeover behavior:
  • No naval bonus from difficulty in takeover.
  • AI does not colonize after takeover
  • AI does not destroy buildings after takeover.
  • AI stops building armies after takeover
  • AI stops building starbases & starbase modules after takeover
  • AI stops buying & selling pops after takeover
  • Code:
  • AIs taking over for a human player now take that into account when deciding on buildings to construct.
  • AI now considers building caps when deciding on what buildings to construct.
  • Removed the Upkeep check for approximation because of locking itself out of building certain stuff in deficit
  • Script:
  • Reduced amount of jobs allowed to build new stuff
  • Increased scores for deficit, focus & amenities building weights
  • Reduced weight for pop buildings
  • Economic plans now favor less research and more stability and economic balance
  • Added a job weight for low income for artisan jobs
  • Increased job weight for technicians for low income situations
  • Reduced low income threshold for miner jobs
  • Economic plan fixed for hive & gestalt.
  • AI now cares more about energy & alloys. Added a building limit define.
  • The AI can now propose targeted Galactic Community resolutions even if they do not have Terrible or Excellent opinion of the target.
  • Changed the way that AI weight of Galactic Community resolutions is affected by opinion towards target and proposer, so that it is a multiplicative value instead of additive.
  • Increase the amount of saved credits.
  • Allow 10% over admin cap.
  • Don’t build starbases on income below 100.
  • Consolidate economic plans & better subplans. Instead of economic plans based on time passed the AI now checks its own economic situation in order to adapt its strategy. As in, if I’m low on consumer goods I will not build research facilities.

You can find the full patch details here.