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Marvel’s Avengers gets a Launch trailer

Another look at Avengers before it’s September 4th release

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After a lengthy marketing campaign, a couple of delays, three weekend-long betas, developer Square Enix Montreal are preparing to finally release their game based on the Marvel Avengers. Featuring characters like Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Ms. Marvel, it’s an action game with a heavy emphasis on unlocking gear, collecting resources, and going on cooperative missions. It’s hard to tell just how much they think the story is going to serve as the main draw for players, or just a way to set up the game world and systems, but this trailer is mainly introducing their new take on these iconic characters.

From what I’ve played of the beta, I had mixed impressions. I was pleasantly surprised at how decent the brawling action felt, especially when playing as Hulk or Ms. Marvel. I wish there was more variety in how the different characters move and feel, but there’s a lot of commonality between them, even if they are all fun to play as. It might get boring just punching generic robots over and over again, so I hope at least the boss encounters could mix things up a bit.

The dialogue I think is sadly lacking in wit or charm, where it takes itself quite seriously, and all the characters seem fairly shallow. Hopefully, throughout the rest of the game, they start to show a bit more personality. Even if they don’t want to go down the route of action-comedy that the MCU movies often follow, doing something else interesting with the characters would be appealing to me, but early indications are that they’re just a bit bland.

I did find it a little buggy, with a few crashes, visual bugs, and glitched out missions. Hopefully, that won’t be a problem in the release version of the game, and I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt since this was explicitly billed as a beta. Check out Danielle’s extensive impression of the beta here for more a more in-depth discussion, and compare how your rig stands up to the system requirements here.

There’s also this entirely CG trailer, which is pretty fun. Oddly it shows Captain America and Ms. Marvel on-screen together, which is strange because from what we know so far of the story, by the time Kamala Khan became Ms. Marvel, Captain America was already dead. Perhaps this means he’ll be resurrected in some fashion.


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