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Latest MW2 crashes apparently make you ‘lose weapons and gear’ in DMZ

Updated: Apr 17, 2023 5:55 pm
Latest MW2 crashes apparently make you ‘lose weapons and gear’ in DMZ

Some murmurs have started to rise again as players continue to suffer from DMZ crashes in MW2 and losing weapons and gear in the process. Servers crashing in DMZ is something that has been happening since release, and one player on Reddit had this to say today.

The Reddit thread titled “(Rant) I think it’s absolute bullshit that the player gets penalized (lost weapons and gear in DMZ) when the game server literally crashes and kicks you out of the game” discusses how the game penalizes players for server-side crashes during the game.

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Credit to the Reddit user

The original poster expresses their frustration with losing their insured weapons and gear after being kicked from the game server. They say, “It’s not like I died, it’s not like my internet connection cut out, I was kicked from the game on the server side, and it is absolute garbage that I lose all my shit because this game decides to glitch the fuck out for no reason.”

User u/JBlitzen commented on how they felt terrible after carrying a weapon case for a three-stack that had invited them to join, and then the game crashed for everyone. Another commenter shared their own experience of being kicked from the game during a story mission after spending weeks trying to find the required key.

This is reminiscent of a Reddit PSA on the r/CODWarzone subreddit titled: “PSA: If your game crashes during DMZ you lose all your stuff.” In this post, the user u/Bmelko came to the same conclusions, and share grievances on the same issues. Being almost half a year ago, this is slightly troubling that a fix has not been sought after.

Bmelko continued: “I don’t mind losing my stuff to other players but this really makes me want to avoid the mode until the game is more stable. Not sure why they would program it this way.”

This information is important to the MW2 community because it highlights a problem with the game’s penalty system that affects players unfairly. We’ve seen recent bug fixes to DMZ, but none that have stopped this as of yet. Losing weapons and gear can be a significant setback for players, especially if they spent a lot of time and resources to acquire them. This thread raises awareness about the issue and could potentially lead to improvements in the game’s penalty system.

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