New 3D NAND SSD Tech Is Faster, Smaller, And Coming Soon

Crucial SSDs will be the first to receive this new and improved technology from Micron.

crucial ssd micron 3d nand technology

With the arrival of the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, SSDs are having a sort of resurgence in popularity again. With the new consoles bringing in their own optimized SSD technology, it looks like us PC gamers will soon be able to upgrade our storage options too with Crucial SSDs receiving it first.

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Micron’s New 3D NAND Technology

Micron’s new 3D NAND technology will be coming to Crucial SSDs next year. It features significantly faster read and write times when compared to the previous 128- and 96-layer NAND, at least according to Micron it does anyway. They claim it brings 25% faster times for the 128-layer NAND and 35% for the 96-layer. This new 176-layer die is also 30% smaller than the best SSDs around today, which means you can fit more in a smaller package.

This new technology marks Micron’s fifth-generation of 3D NAND and it’s a big change for them. While they are known for being reliant on floating-gate technology in the past, much like Intel, for their fourth-gen 3D NAND, they switched to replacement-gate instead – and they seemingly haven’t looked back. The fifth-generation tech is following suit by combining a blend of charge trap cells with CMOS-under-array design and it’s this combination that’s helping them gain the upper hand in the world of SSDs.

So, What Do We Know?

But, what does all this actually mean? Well, we don’t know for sure which Crucial drives we’ll get to see this new technology in just yet, but here’s what we do know:

  • This is the world’s first 176-layer NAND which is pretty damn impressive
  • It means faster read and write times which means your system will be able to run faster
  • The 176-layer die is tiny, about equal to ⅕ the thickness of a sheet of paper
  • It’s already in production in their Singapore lab
  • We can expect to see new Crucial SSD product lines featuring this 3D NAND technology in 2021

Are you excited about the possibilities this new SSD technology could bring to PC Gaming? Let us know in the comments below!