Danielle Hayes


About Danielle Hayes

Danielle has been in love with video games ever since her older brothers handed down their PS1 instead of buying her a Christmas present. She grew up fighting her way through epic JRPGs. Now, you’re more likely to find her destroying her Sim’s lives, causing absolute mayhem over in Azeroth, and slowly paying off her debt to Tom Nook.


Danielle is a full-time nerd and proud of it. Here at WePC, you can find her correcting everyone’s grammar, organizing all the content you see on the site, and trying to convince the team to play heavy metal on the office playlist. When she’s not in the office or playing Animal Crossing, she can be found rolling dice and having epic adventures in one of her three (!) Dungeons and Dragons games. Pro tip: don’t bring up D&D unless you’re prepared to stay stuck for hours as she regales you with her latest tales and shows off her impressive (terrifying) collection of dice. And if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she’s also been known to write songs on her guitar or ukelele, read the latest fantasy novel, and occasionally run around in cosplay with her friends.Danielle Hayes WePC Editor dice  

Gaming Setup

Danielle has always been a console gamer at heart and that’s still true if you visit her home! She currently plays all her favorite JRPGs on her PlayStation 4 and works to pay off her Nook debt on her Nintendo Switch. But, her time at WePC means she’s been lured to the dark side of PC gaming too and has pulled together an acceptable setup for yet another game of Civilization. And trust us, you’ll never tear her away from her beloved Corsair K70 or Steelseries Rival 710.

Favorite Games

Danielle grew up watching her Dad and brothers play through DOOM and JRPGs and that had a considerable influence on how her love of gaming evolved over the years. The first game she ever completed was Final Fantasy 9 (and she only did that a few years ago!) and she loves to settle in and relax for a good game of Civilization 5 or The Sims 4 to help pass many, many hours.  Right now, she’s been diving head-first into building up her island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, having constant bouts of nostalgia with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and pushing her brothers off ledges in place of friendly fire in Destiny 2.