List Of Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Games

We Go Through The Xbox Games That Support Keyboard And Mouse On Xbox One Specifically

List Of Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Games

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For gamers, the battle between PC and console has always been a contentious one. With platform-exclusive game titles meaning many of us invest in multiple systems, it’s becoming more and more common to see console games playable with a keyboard and mouse instead of a controller.

We all know that cross-platform multiplayer games often see keyboard and mouse players flying past those on controllers. That’s where Xbox One keyboard and mouse games come in – you can have the power of a console with the accuracy of your favorite peripherals.

Many of these games are available on both PC and Xbox consoles with a game pass subscription.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 Month subscription

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Month subscription

Best Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse

Before we dive into the list of Xbox One keyboard and games, let’s take a look at our pick for the best products to up your game.

Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

This keyboard and mouse combo is the perfect set up to help transform your Xbox gaming experience. Razer even teamed up with Microsoft when designing this so you know it’s a great choice. And, with mechanical switches and an ergonomic mouse, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well they work for you.

While these are our top picks, they won’t work for everyone. Be sure to check our full guide on the best Xbox One keyboard and mouse for more options.

Setting Up Your Keyboard And Mouse

If you need help setting up your keyboard and mouse for Xbox One, be sure to check out our video guide below:


List of Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Games

Final Word

Relative to the amount of Xbox One titles out there, this list is relatively limited, but there are still a fair few games in there, both big and small! Let us know in the comments if you prefer using an Xbox controller or a keyboard and mouse – and which, in your opinion, gives you better in-game performance.