How to Find The Best Black Friday Deals

How to Find the best deals

Every year, retailers across the country begin the countdown to the biggest shopping event on the calendar. No, we’re not talking about Christmas, we’re talking about Black Friday. And along with this event, we always get people wondering how to find the best Black Friday deals. Well, we’re here with this handy guide to show you!

The Best Black Friday Deals

It can be overwhelming when faced with the amount of information and deals out there every Black Friday. It has spiraled from a one-day event to a whole week of discounts and deal-hunting. But, if you follow these easy steps, we guarantee that you’ll end Black Friday with a full basket full of amazing deals.

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It’s All In The Preparation

If you go into Black Friday blind then you’re going to miss out on the best deals, and might even end up buying the wrong thing altogether. Research what you want to buy and make a list – then make sure you stick to it. Impulse buys in sales like this are usually not a good idea. 

Read reviews, check out current prices, and decide how much you’re prepared to pay for all the items on your list. Some retailers can be crafty around events like this and advertise discount prices that aren’t as good as you might first think. Doing your research can make all the difference. 

Stick With What You Know

We all know that brands like Apple, Xbox, and HTC make quality products, so we feel safe spending our money on these any day of the year. But, something strange seems to happen to so many of us when sales hit. We give our hard-earned cash over to unknown brands and end up with a dud product.

Of course, not every unknown brand is a scam. But, and this ties in perfectly with our first tip, make sure you research a brand before handing over your money. Just because they’re offering $200 off doesn’t mean it’s a deal worth taking.

Start Early

Black Friday is no longer just a one-day event. And, a lot of retailers have begun advertising their deals ahead of the big day. So, starting early is the best way to make sure you find the best Black Friday deals. 

Confirmed: Amazon’s Black Friday deals will go live at one minute past 00:00 on November 22nd!

Signing up for email newsletters from your favorite brands is a great way to stay on top of deals. Or, you can bookmark our own Black Friday deals pages to make sure you don’t miss out. We’ll be covering all the best tech deals across brands like Apple, Playstation, and Xbox, as well as focusing on top retailers like Amazon and Walmart. 

Make Accounts Now

When you shop online, you usually need an account to complete any kind of purchase. In the lead up to Black Friday, it’s worth setting up these accounts with retailers beforehand. This way, you will already have your shipping and payment details saved, so you can complete your check out in record time.

It also helps to reduce the risk of losing out on deals. In previous years, some online stores have been so overwhelmed with traffic that they ended up crashing and shutting down – not what you want when you’re just about to click “buy”. At least with an account already set up, there’s less that can go wrong!

Stick With Us

Every year, for Black Friday, we have a dedicated team of staff who are amped up on sugar and caffeine, endlessly searching for the best deals across tech and gaming. They do all the hard work so you don’t have to. We will be constantly updating our deals pages throughout the event, so they will always be up to date with the best and latest deals.

Sign Up For The Latest Gaming Chairs Deals As They Happen

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