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Nvidia prepares for RTX 4000 ‘Lovelace’ GPUs with TSMC’s 5nm node

Nvidia are gearing up for their next-gen GPUs

Updated: Dec 29, 2021 2:46 pm
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Still after an RTX 3000 series GPU? Well, you might want to hang on a little longer for a brand-new generation of GPUs to arrive. We already know about the existence of Nvidia’s next-gen GPU offering, which is purported to be being developed using TSMC’s 5nm fabricated nodes.

According to a report from WCCFTech, we can see that Nvidia has already handed billions to the semiconductor manufacturing giant to produce GPU chips for them. This comes following a report from MyDrivers that TSMC’s other customers such as Apple, AMD and more don’t have to pay a huge deposit in advance to secure solid production capacity. However, Nvidia, since they have previously partnered with other foundries such as Samsung for the Ampere launch, and as a result, has to pony up a pretty penny to purchase the production capacity of their next-gen GPUs.

In total, Nvidia will be paying TSMC $1.64 billion USD for Q3 2021 production capacity according to MyDrivers. This indicates to us that the new generation of Nvidia chips may be ready for September 2021. This is all indeed rumor, but this also falls into a similar pattern that we’ve seen other announcements come at, and makes sense for Nvidia’s marketing teams. However, living in the midst of a chip shortage means that demand has skyrocketed worldwide in several other industries, which could mean that we could potentially be seeing higher MSRP prices for this next generation than we previously saw in Ampere.

Rumored RTX 4090 Specifications – A 150% performance jump?

Based on the seeming confirmation that Nvidia will be using the 5mn process for the latest generation of GPU, we can expect a full die in the form of the AD102, which could be the RTX 4090 when it’s fully released to the public. Alternatively, we could also see a comeback of the TITAN cards, which has previously used the full die in previous generations. We have put together our best guess, corroborating leaks and rumors to put together this spec list that we’d love to see, that would result in around a 150% performance uplift according to leakers.

GPUAD102 (RTX 4090)
Die Size5nm
CUDA Cores18432
Memory TypeGDDR6X
Memory Bus384-Bit
Memory Capacity24GB

These are likely to change as we hear more about the upcoming Lovelace GPUs and associated leakers, so we’ll be sure to keep our eyes out for anything new that we may hear through the grapevine.

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