Nvidia, AMD, And Intel Rumored To Pull Out Of Computex 2020

According to a Taiwanese media outlet, some of the biggest names in tech are rumored to be dropping out of Computex this year.

This is naturally thought to be due to the COVID-19 pandemic, even despite the event already being postponed.

Computex has already been delayed from its typical June schedule to September 2020. However, despite this decision, it looks like some of the big names will be pulling out of the event altogether.

At the moment, there’s no guarantee that the event will still be able to go ahead in September as the pandemic looks like it’ll be around for a while.

Who Is Planning To Cancel Their Computex 2020 Appearances?

According to DigiTimes, the main players looking to pull out of Computex are Nvidia, AMD, and Intel. There may be other big names planning to withdraw with rumors that TUL, Chaintech, and Elitegroup Computer Systems will follow suit.

There’s another rumor that MSI has already pulled out of Computex 2020, but that isn’t 100% confirmed yet.

Will Computex 2020 Still Be Going Ahead?

On the plus side, Asus says that it’s still planning to be at Computex 2020 so it looks like the event won’t be a total loss. However, with such big names reportedly dropping out, it could lead the event organizers to rethink hosting the event at all. Perhaps it will be delayed further or simply canceled altogether.

Another possibility is that an online-only event will be hosted in the latter part of this year. Given that it’s the 40th anniversary of the event, it would be a shame if the event was canceled completely.

Plus, it would leave a lot of uncertainty in the tech world for a while, with many brands planning to unveil new product ranges and technologies at Computex 2020.

If we hear any confirmation of big names dropping out of Computex, we will keep you updated.