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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Review Roundup

Read our round-up of the first 3080 reviews to hit the net

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It’s here. The internet is awash with glowing reviews spanning literally hundreds of thousands of review words of the new future of PC gaming.

The one thing in common – they literally all cannot rave about it more. We have prowled the net to find the best places for you to collate all this information on the day before it hits the shelves.

The card is expected to be snapped up perhaps quicker than any previous piece of hardware ever, so if you want one on Day One you are going to be on your toes.

But if you haven’t quite decided yet that you want to find yourself $699 dollars poorer this time tomorrow, have a glance around some of these reviews. It doesn’t look like there will be much buyer’s remorse if you jump on this one. It truly is a game-changer.



41 pages of 3080 goodness is up there with a detailed as you can get but the outcome is as expected. Once you are past the pages and pages of benchmarks they love it.

Huge performance increase over RTX 2080/2080 Ti”, “60 FPS 4K gaming a reality now”, “Excellent price/performance.”

They do make the interesting point though that buying one actually makes little sense if you are a gamer without a 4K monitor as the real gains are to be found pushing those higher levels and not at the low-end of the resolution spectrum.

PC World’s 5 things you need to know

To counter-balance, the extremes of the huge reviews PC World has come along with a ‘what you need to know’ article to pair alongside their full review which describes the card as “staggeringly powerful”. This dispenses with the horde of benchmarks and concentrates on more mainstream information. 

Succinctly put: It’s insanely fast.” And that kinda sums it up. There are also some nice pictures of the card propped up on the author’s garden chair. Winner.

Ars Technica

“Have your 60fps-at-4K cake—and eat your ray-traced frosting, too.” is our favorite analogy of review day even though we don’t quite know what they mean. Their verdict: “If you’re itching to build a desktop PC in the $1,500-and-up range, you can finally expect proper bang for your $699 GPU buck. Buy.”

Overclockers Club

We found this one hard to read because of the on-page colors but they did seem to have a variety of images they had taken themselves showing the card from angles you may not have seen before.

Another in-depth review lies within if you needed any extra persuading.

Reddit Mega-Thread

The place to keep up with all the news and gossip as it happens. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to stay on top of, but if you know your Reddit you at least have half a chance.

Initial impressions from out in the wild will appear here first once people start putting the cards into their own machines.

Watch out for WePC’s in-depth review coming soon as we put the 3080 through some proper paces, for now, check out these videos below to get the low down without the reading!

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