NVIDIA Prepare Revised RTX 2060 With 12GB VRAM

In an attempt to tackle terrible stock levels, NVIDIA could be releasing 12GB RTX 2060 variants

nvidia rtx 2060
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In an attempt to tackle the seemingly neverending battle for stock levels, NVIDIA could be preparing a refreshed RTX 2060 graphics card which will come equipped with 12 GB of VRAM.

The new revision looks to offer up double the effective VRAM of the original version, allowing it to better handle the latest AAA titles.

NVIDIA Rumoured To Launch GeForce RTX 2060 With 12GB Memory

The first we heard of the potential launch of a 12GB RTX 2060 came back in January when GPU stock levels were destroyed by a lack of physical chips and the global pandemic. Since then, we still haven’t seen or heard much about a new double-memory RTX 2060 – with the only new arrivals being from the hugely popular 30-series lineup.

RTX 2060

Look forward 8 months and the closest thing we have to a 12GB RTX 2060 is a 12GB 3060 (Non-Ti) – offering up exceptional value for money thanks to the performance it brings to the table. However, whilst the 3060 remains an incredibly attractive prospect, you’ll be incredibly lucky to find one at MSRP.

With that in mind, NVIDIA seems to be planning a move to release an RTX 2060 GPU based on Turing architecture. The new GPU (Model PG161) looks to feature 12GB GDDR6 VRAM alongside the same TU106-300 GPU found in both RTX 2060 and 2070. That would mean the only difference separating the RTX 2060 and the new PG161 would be the available memory.

According to Videocardz, sources suggest that NVIDIA is approaching board partners regarding the new cards – telling them to anticipate it by the end of the current year.

If the new is to be believed, it already paints a dry-looking year for mid-range GPUs – as stock levels show no signs of getting any better.