Razer Zephyr Beta Test – Razer Face Mask Updated

How To Get On The Razer Zephyr Beta Test For The New Razer Face Mask

New Razer Face Mask 2

The Razer Zephy beta test is here – that’s right, Razer, a brand well known for its gaming peripherals such as mice and keyboards as well as gaming laptops, is in the beta testing stage of rolling out its new face mask.

Read below for the full story on why Razer are making a face mask and how you can sign up to the Razer Zephyr beta to be one of the first to try out this new peripheral for the post-COVID age.

The Story Of The Razer Mask - Project Hazel

Why Are Razer Making A Face Mask?

Originally named Project Hazel, the Razer face mask was announced at the beginning of 2021 in response to the fact that gaming events held irl have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is likely that future events will be irreversibly changed even as lockdown lifts, with a greater consideration made to reduce the potential transmission of infection at esports and other communal gaming events.

The History Of The Razer Face Mask

In a commendable move, earlier in the coronavirus pandemic, Razer converted some of its factories into churning out medical-grade masks – making and donating 1 million of them in total.

Following this, seeing both a gap in the market and also being concerned about the high number of disposable masks and their environmental impact, Razer decided to make their own branded mask for gamers.

The Original Razer Face Mask Design

The above images show the first design of the Razer face mask, which were released earlier this year. Key to note is the transparent front to the mask, which Razer have incorporated into their design for ease of communication (particularly between attendees of gaming events who might be interviewed and such). It should be noted that neither this original design, not the newer one, are of a medical grade standard (so aren’t suitable for essential workers), though they certainly look a bit better than the typical mask you see people wearing day-to-day.

Features touted to be included in the Razer mask were:

  • a built-in voice amplifier
  • low-light mode
  • rechargeable ventilators


The New Razer Zephyr Mask Design

As of August 2021, the above images show the updated look of the new mask.

The RGB features are now very much obvious, and it seems that the looped straps which previously went around the ears have been replaced by a single around the head strap – likely this will be much more comfortable and better for those of us wearing glasses.

The reusable N95 respirator remains the same as before and comes with “active ventilation” and “wireless auto-sterilization”.

The general design aesthetic makes us think of a dark sci-fi/cyberpunk style future. Let’s hope that’s not one we’re heading for!

How Do I Sign Up For The Razer Zephyr Beta?

In order to sign up for the Razer mask beta test, simply click this link to the road to Zephyr page and fill out the form to register, and you will be considered as an applicant to take part (but no guarantees!).