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Sumo Digital Announce Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Brand new gritty stealth game from Sumo Digital announced

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Crossbows at the ready. A brand new medieval stealth title is coming next year. Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a new game from Sumo Digital and is based on the world of Robin Hood.

An announcement trailer was unveiled at the recent PlayStation State of Play event, introducing viewers to some of the story and action.

From the trailer, we can see this is going to be a pretty gritty and bloody action game. We even get a little glimpse of some gameplay in the trailer too to give us an idea of what to expect.

So far, we know that players will get to control a bunch of characters called Outlaws who will be pitted against each other in two teams of four. Each team will try to steal treasures, guarded by an AI-controlled group called The State in a PvPvE (player-vs.-player-vs.-environment) setup.

Your overall aim will be to steal the treasures and escape. It sounds simple enough, but with guards watching closely, scarce weapons to be found and heavy treasure chests to haul, it’ll be harder than it sounds. To pull these heists off, you will need to cooperate with your team and use stealth to get away before you’re captured.

Your missions will include fighting off rival gangs, rebels, rogues and of course the “merciless, unchecked state”. You’ll also be able to claim and use the loot to invest in perks, weapons and more.

Studio director at Sumo Newcastle, Owen O’Brien said:

“It is always an exciting moment when you finally get to reveal the game you have been working on behind closed doors for so long. With Hood: Outlaws & Legends, our aim was to create a dark and brutal re-imagining of the Robin Hood legend, pitting myth and superstition against man-made power and corruption. The team here in Newcastle are all passionate gamers, and over the past 16 months we believe we have created a new and fresh twist on the PVPVE genre.”

John Bert, COO of Focus Home Interactive who will be publishing the game said:

“From the first moment, we’ve been thrilled by the unique dark universe created by Sumo. Hood’s lore, setting and gritty re-imagining of these legendary outlaws bring something truly unique to the multiplayer heist genre. We can’t wait to show more about the game in the coming months, and unveil all the exciting ingredients that make it a blast to play with your online gang.”

At the moment, all we know is that Hood is due to be released sometime in 2021. It will be coming to the brand new consoles, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, as well as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

For PC gamers, you can head over to Steam to wishlist the game so you’ll get updates when it releases. When we hear more updates including a release date announcement, we’ll let you know. Just be sure to check back at WePC for the latest news.


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