This Week In Gaming: Our Top Stories – August 21st

Here are our top gaming stories from this week

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It’s been an interesting week for PC gaming news this week, with a few games getting some meaningful updates, some big corporate moves from a few different areas of the industry, and a look ahead at what is bound to be one of the biggest RPGs released this year.

Microsoft continue their winning streak on Steam with Flight Simulator

Following on from successes with games like Halo: Master Chief Collection, Sea of Thieves, and Grounded, Microsoft gets another successful Steam release under their belt. The first new entry in their long-running flight simulator series in fourteen years just released, and early signs are that it has had a successful launch.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Is A Top Seller On Steam

Goose around with a friend, as Untitled Google Game gets co-op

This unassuming stealth-puzzle game has you taking on the role of a village’s resident irritating goose, tormenting the local residents with hijinks like hiding their keys and interfering with their picnic plans. It was a viral hit when it first released last year, but now it’s coming to Steam, and getting free cooperative mode added, where you and a friend can pair up to cause mayhem together.

Untitled Goose Game Heading To Steam With 2-Player Co-Op Mode

Guerilla Games continues to work on the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn

This brilliant former-Playstation exclusive is a game that lots of people would want to check out on PC, but sadly it’s been troubled with serious technical issues since release. It looks like developer Guerilla Games is at least somewhat committed to properly supporting the game, as they’ve now release a second patch, hoping to address the game’s problems, and have pledged to continue to work on it further.

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.02 Out Now

Facebook account will be required for Oculus VR headsets

A change in policy from Facebook-owned VR company Oculus will require that in the future, it will be mandatory to pair your headset with a Facebook account in order to use them. Maybe we should have seen this coming when the acquisition first happened, but it seems like it could perhaps be a bit of an image problem for Oculus.

Oculus Announce That Their VR Headsets Will Require A Facebook Account Going Forward

Epic takes on two tech giants in a battle over money

We’ve struggled to keep up with this story, as it’s been moving so rapidly. First, we saw Epic move to bypass Apple and Google payment mechanisms on Fortnite for mobile devices, a clear breach of both companies’ store policies. Then, perhaps unsurprisingly, both Apple and Google removed Fornite from their stores. This then prompted lawsuits from Epic, and we spoke to a lawyer to get their take on these events. The most recent development is Apple stating that they plan to revoke Epic’s developer accounts for both iOS and MacOS, prompting questions over the status of the future of Unreal Engine on these platforms. We’re not sure where this story is going to end, but it’s going to be interesting to see this all play out.

Epic Permanently Drop Fortnite V-Bucks Price By 20%

Epic Games Are Taking Apple And Google To Court

Apple Moves To Terminate Epic Games Developer Accounts

A fresh look at upcoming RPG Baldur’s Gate 3

Developer Larian held an extensive livestream for their hotly anticipated Baldur’s Gate followup. They showed us a more detailed look at the game’s cinematics, and discussed topics like their planned release date, and some new details about the game’s setting.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Panel From Hell – What Did We Learn?

Latest budget motherboards from AMD launch

Anyone looking to put together a system that can take either the current or next generation of Ryzen CPUs might want to take a look at the new lineup of motherboards from AMD and their partners. These are decent entry-level motherboards, that offer good value with only a few compromises.

AMD Launches A520 Chipset For Ryzen Systems