Stormgate: New Mech RTS game reveal from Summer Games Fest

It's Mechs Vs Demons in this brand new RTS game

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Who doesn’t like Mechs? Nobody trustworthy, that’s for sure. And with Stormgate, a brand new game shown off at the Summer Game Fest 2022, you’ll be able to live out your giant punching robot dreams. Though maybe not in as quite a direct a manner as usual. Stormgate is an RTS, and fans of the genre have reason to be excited. Stormgate is being developed by Frost Giant Studios, being headed by ex Starcraft devs.

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Details are somewhat thin on the ground, but the trailer is unique and evocative, showing off the dangers of space archeology. As if Alien hadn’t already done that enough. Stormgate will involve using your mechs to fight off a demonic invasion. You can certainly see the cross-reference between SC and Stormgate, with the Terran and Zerg like baddies on the screen.

Check out the trailer for yourself below

It is also worth mentioning this is the first big outing for Frost Giant since the studio was founded. The developer studio was formed after the exodus from Blizzard Entertainment. The entire brand ethos is all bout making the RTS genre great again, with a commitment to enhancing the stuff that works already, while also granting players something new so that the genre steel feels refreshed and interesting,

Earlier this year, Frost Gaint Studios got series A funding of $25 million dollars to make the new big strategy RTS game. There have been a few new competitive RTS games revealed so far in the week with the OTK stream demonstrating the Immortal: Gates of Pyre, which also has some obvious StarCraft 2 influence. There is certainly a renaissance of the genre on the way, and we are here for it.

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