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10th generation iPad colors & iPad Pro 2022 colors

We discuss the iPad 2022 color options plus iPad Pro 2022 color options

Updated: Nov 17, 2022 9:46 am
10th generation ipad colors ipad 2022 colors ipad pro 2022 colors

All there is to know about the 10th generation iPad 2022 colors and iPad Pro 2022 color options on one page.

Hopefully, the following guide make it easier to decide which 10th gen iPad and M2 iPad pro you should get this year. 

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What colors do the iPad 2022 come in?

Let’s start with the 10th gen iPad, as it has seen the biggest cosmetic facelift in years. Apple has changed its design. Now, it looks similar to the iPad Air. iPads are usually available in Black, Space Grey and Silver. But Apple is going in a different direction, and it probably all started with the last year’s iPad Air. This year 10th gen iPad is available in four beautiful colors. 

  • Traditional Silver: If you want to get the new iPad and the color isn’t that important to you, go for the Silver iPad. It has been the staple iPad color for years. It may not turn any heads, but it’s still a terrific neutral option.   
  • Pretty Pink: Pink is probably the standout color for this year’s iPad. It’s new, vibrant and sure to turn a few heads along the way. But the color is not overpowering; it’s light in nature. 
  • Striking Blue: The blue color on the iPad 2022 could be the popular option this year. It looks absolutely gorgeous and stands out.
  • Pikachu Yellow: This color won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are looking for something different or a Pokemon fan, you can go for the Yellow. This is the first yellow iPad in the history of iPads. 

If you are someone who likes to show off, go for the Pink or the Yellow tablet. The blue is good but also muted. If want something colorful but not overpowering, blue is good. Silver is for those who like the traditional iPad look.  

What colors does the iPad Pro 2022 come in?

There’s nothing different to say about the iPad Pro this year. It is available in the usual Space Grey and Silver.  

Apple also revamped with iPad Pro lineup but with new hardware rather than new colors. If you are getting the M2 iPad Pro this year, you still have to stick with the Space Grey or Silver.  

iPad 2022 colors & iPad Pro 2022 colors : Final Word

We hope this iPad 2022 colors & iPad Pro 2022 colors explainer has given you all the info you need to know. Make sure you have a look at our various other tablet guides, plus our Black Friday iPad deals and Black Friday tablet deals pages.

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